Major Club Results

2017 Results

March – Dutch Open Championships – Owen Turner – Bronze

May 2017 – Austrian Open Championships – Owen Turner – Gold

May 2017 – Austrian Open Championships – Latisha Garbett -Silver

2016 Results


Croatian Open Championships – Mason Yarrow – GOLD

Latvian Open Championships – Mason Yarrow – GOLD

British Championships

1st place Team – Novice Selection Trophy & 3rd place overall

Golds :  Leah (2), Owen Blunt, Rhys Turner, Owen Turner, Isabella Congreve, Amelia Gaffney, Chelsey Evans

Silver:  Amelia Pashley

Bronze : Katie Turland, Latisha Garbett, Ismail Coulibali


Owen Turner – 2016 European Cadet Champion


Dutch Open

Gold : Owen Turner

Silver : Oliver Hammond


2015 Results

The 2015 British Championships

The event was a huge success for Team Ultimate. 2nd Place Team on Day 2, 2nd place Team overall and 1st place in the Team Selection Trophy on Day 2. Fantastic.

British Champions 2015

Leah Moorby (3 times) Aneila Afsar (3 times) Owen Blunt

Mason Yarrow Chelsey Evans (6 times) Rhys Turner

Sonny Lomozik Chris Swanborough (3 times) Sam Burns

Silver Medallists Danielle Lomozik Tyler Barwell

Bronze Medallists Billy Lomozik Amelia Pashley

Ethan Crossland Owen Turner Isabella Congreve

Linc Strong Katie Turland Aneila Afsar

World Bronze Medallist – Mason Yarrow

Spanish Open Championships

Gold – Mason Yarrow

Dutch Open Championships

Silver : Mason Yarrow & Leah Moorby

2014 Results

January :

Irish Championships

Gold : Owen Turner, Leah Moorby, Aneila Afsar, Amelia Pashley, Mason Yarrow

Silver : Rhys Turner, Macauley Clarkson, Leah Moorby

Bronze : Macauley Clarkson, Lincoln Strong


NTC Championships

Gold : Mason Yarrow, Amelia Pashley, Jack Lockwood, Chelsey Evans

Silver : Owen Turner, Oliver Hammond, Jordan Lill

Bronze:  Sam Burns, Owen Blunt, Jake Grady

March :

National Poomsae Championships

Ciaran West : Silver in synchron, Bronze in individual

Dutch Open Championships

Silver : Mason Yarrow             Bronze : Owen Turner

World Junior Championships

Leah Moorby – Bronze

April :

Welsh Open Championships

Gold : Jack Lockwood, Linc Strong, Ciaran Harnedy, Chelsey Evans

Silver : Innes Benton,

Bronze : Macauley Clarkson, Finlay Benton

Liverpool Open Championships

Gold: Leah Moorby, Owen Turner, Mason Yarrow, Amelia Pashley

Silver : Oliver Hammond, Lincoln Strong, Innes Benton, Finlay Benton, Owen Blunt


May :

Dutch Masters :

Sam Burns – Bronze

Austrian Open :

Leah Moorby : Bronze


June :

Mason Yarrow & Owen Turner selected for GB Team to compete in Cadet World Championships


Red Vs Blue Championships

Gold :   Owen Turner,  Raz, Leah, Amelia, Mason Yarrow, Oli Hammond, Macauley Clarkson, Chelsey Evans, Ciaran Harnedy

Silver : Tyler Barwell, Owen Blunt, Rhys Turner

Bronze : Jayden Lister


Chi 1-1

Golds:   Jayden, Owen B, Amelia P

Silvers : Jayden L, Rhys Fyffe-Noble


British International Open (Aylesbury)


GOLDS:   Tyler, Ellie, Connor, Oliver, Raz, Amelia, Chelsey

SILVERS:  Sam, Jayden, Macauley, Linc

BRONZE:  Ciaran H


Poomsae:    Ciaran West – GOLD


Cadet World Championships :

Mason reaches quarter finals after defeating Mexico & Germany but loses out to Iran.