Youth Olympics

Mason Yarrow joins Team GB’s line up for the Youth Olympic Games.

Scottish Open

Bronze medals for Ethan and Rhys and Silver for Euan in Scotland.

Manchester Festival

Tea Ultimate cadets Owen B, Honey, Latisha and Bella took part in the TKD at the Manchester Festival this weekend to promote Sport in Manchester.

Asian Games 2018

Aneila flies out to Jakarta to compete in the Asian Games.  She competes on 20th August.

Keumgang Training Camp- Belgium

Team Ultimate were represented by Mason, Aneila, Katie, Owen B, Ethan, Honey and Latisha and had an amazing time at the Camp.  Kath and Bryonie supported.

Scorpion Open – July 2018

Silver – Chelsey Evans, Ethan Crossland

Bronze  – Honey Bowman-Snape

Welsh open

Golds – Imogen Yarrow, Mason Yarrow, Owen Turner, Honey Bowman-Snape, Rhys Fyffe-Noble, Aneila Afsar

Silver – Euan Fyffe-Noble


 1st North East Championships

Great performances at the 1st North East Championships

Golds –  Ethan Crossland, Isabelle Congreve, Rachel Atkinson

Bronze – Grace McConchie, Euan Fyffe-Noble, Rhys Fyffe-Noble

Well done to Team Ultimate officials Cameron Fyffe and Nik Kamenov on the day.



to ANEILA AFSAR on selection for the Pakistan National Team for the Asian Games to take place in  in August.

Kath passes to 7th Dan

Congratulations to senior coach Kathy Hook, passing to 7th Dan Black Belt at the Koryo Dan Grading this weekend.

1st Champion TKD Championships

This event took place in Dublin, Ireland and we only sent two players.

Gold : Ethan Crossland

Bronze : Rhys Fyffe-Noble

Senior European Championships

Mason Yarrow makes his senior debut and represents GBR in the Senior European Championships in Russia.


April Dan Grading 2018

New Black Belts : Euan Fyffe Noble, Latisha Garbett, Gary Wilkinson, Jamie Wright

and Rhys Fyffe-Noble passed to 2nd Dan

Junior World Championships and Youth Olympic Qualifiers

Mason Yarrow and Owen Turner represented GBR in the above events in Tunisia.

Kath appointed as coach to GBR Cadet Squad

Dutch Open 2018

Latisha Garbett – Bronze

Slovenia Open 2018

Latisha Garbett – Gold

Childrens Presidents Cup – February 2018

Silver – Rachel Atkinson

Bronze – Ethan Crossland & Alex Wilkinson

Award Winners from 2017 Presentation Night

Best Pee Wee – Euan Fyffe-Noble

Best Child – Rhys Turner

Best Cadet – Katie Turland

Best Junior – Owen Turner

Best Senior – Chelsey Evans

Nest Newcomer – Alex Wilkinson

Performance of the Year – Ultimate Boys Tag Team – Ethan, Owen T, Sonny & Rhys

Shot of the Year – Owen Turner

Most Improved – Emily Gough

Promise for the Future – Latisha Garbett

Coaches Choice – Rachel Atkinson

Player’s Player – Mason Yarrow

Ultimate Team Captain for 2018 – remains the same – OWEN TURNER

New Class 3 Referees

Congratulations to Kris Reynolds, Cameron Fyffe, Nik Kamenov and Gary Wilkinson on passing your Class 3 referees course.

Quest Championships – November 2017

Gold : Aneila Afsar, Rachel Atkinson, Bella Congreve, Emily Gough

Silver: Alex Wilkinson, Nik Kamenov, Katie Turland

Bronze: Nafeesa Afsar, Oliver Hammond, Latisha Garbett, Estera Czynszak

A well-organised, well-attended 8-court event.  However, some of the refereeing/scoring was strange.

Nice to have Aneila and Nafeesa back in the ring.  Nice to have Fionn over from Ireland for his first WTF match and great to see newbies Nik Kamenov, Alfie Sykes and Estera Czynszak competing.



Horizon 1-1

Golds:  Latisha Garbett, Ethan Crossland, Theo Smales, Iga Lewartowska, Maja Czynszak, Estera Czynszak (2), Sam Fisher

Silvers:  Alfie Sykes, Jay Hodgson, Maja Czynszak


Junior Europeans

Owen and Mason were very disappointed with the results from the Europeans.   Both lost to the eventual gold medalists int he second round, despite both having beaten them before.


Good Luck

to Owen Turner and Mason Yarrow representing Great Britain in the Junior European Championships in Cyprus this week.

 2nd Ultimate Dan Grading

Congratulations to the successful candidates at the 2nd Ultimate Dan Grading.  New Black Belts Sonny Lomozik, Rhys Turner, Chelsey Evans, Amelia Gaffney, Isabella Congreve, Jensen Robbins and Harleigh Jones.

Well done to the Black Widow students Pam Allen passing to 2nd Dan and Thomas Allen passing to 3rd Dan.















 Grand Prix 2017 – Boys Tag Team

The Team Ultimate Tag Team smashed it at the Grand Prix at the London Copperbox Arena this weekend – winning 100-61.   Coached by Dave Morrison the boys were brilliant.  Congratulations to the team Ethan Crossland, Owen Blunt, Sonny Lomozik, Kevin Booth (borrowed from WLM – thank you) and Rhys Turner.  Well done boys.

IMG_1557 IMG_1552










WLM Championships

3 for 3 at WLM – GOLDS – Rachel Atkinson, Ethan Crossland and Bella Congreve.  Well done. Thanks Dave Morrison for coaching.






to Katie Turland and Oliver Hammond who represented Great Britain in the European Cadet Championships over in Hungary recently.  Oliver had a tough draw and went out to Turkey in round 2 of the competition.  Katie defeated Ukraine in the preliminaries and had a tough game with Holland in the quarter finals.    Well done.  Great achievement to represent your Country.

Selection for GB Fighting Chance Programme

Massive congratulations to Mason Yarrow and Owen Turner on your selection.  Fantastic achievement.


British Championships 2017

GOLD:   Chris Swanborough, Bryonie Noble, Rhys Turner, Rachel Atkinson, Imogen Yarrow, Mason Yarrow, Alex Wilkinson, Chelsey Evans, Katie Turland

SILVER :  Emily Gough, Rhys Fyffe-Noble, Latisha Garbett, Isabella Congreve

BRONZE : Rhys Fyffe-Noble, Owen Blunt, Oliver Hammond, Owen Turner


Scottish Open 2017

Congratulations to the Fyffe-Nobles who represented Team Ultimate in the Scottish Open.  Euan – Gold and Rhys – Bronze.   Thanks to Dave Morrison for coaching them.



to Mason Yarrow, Owen Turner and Katie Turland through to stage 2 of Fighting Chance.


Ultimate players selected for Junior European Championships

Massive congratulations to Owen Turner and Mason Yarrow on your selection for forthcoming Europeans in Cyprus.

Scorpion Open July 2017

2nd Place Team

Golds:  Oli Hammond, Emily Gough, Rae Atkinson, Ethan Crossland, Alex Wilkinson, Bella Congreve

Silvers:  Katie Turland, Rhys Fyffe-Noble

Bronze:  Euan Fyffe-Noble, Latisha Garbett, Sonny Lomozik

Ultimate 1-1

16th July 2017 – Busy day at the Ultimate 1-1 at Barnsley but great performances across the board for Team Ultimate.   Well done.

Golds:  Junaid Al-Yafai, Rihanna Bunting, Demi Bunting, Bella Congreve, Ethan Crossland, Estera Crzynszak, Sam Fisher, Rhys Fyffe-Noble, Amelia Gaffney, Emily Gough (2), Alfie Sykes, Owen Turner, Katie Turland, Rhys Turner (2), Alex Wilkinson, Jake Wilkinson, Mason Yarrow.

Silvers:  Rae Atkinson, Teagan Bingham, Rose Bryan, Euan Fyffe-Noble, Amelia Gaffney, Kyle Hurditch, Bryonie Noble, Amelia Peters, Serenity Richards-Lowe, Harvey Stuart, Katie Turland, Preston Wheeler, Lyla Wheeler.

Cadet Selection Championships

Massive congratulations to Oliver Hammond and Katie Turland – winning gold at the Cadet Selection Championships and Latisha Garbett on your bronze.

Liverpool Open – June 2017

100% Gold – Oliver, Emily, Rae & Ethan – Well done


Dome Open May 2017

3rd place team

Golds:  Owen Blunt, Rhys T, Euan F-N, Emily, Bella, Rachel, Latisha, Oliver

Silver: Ethan, Sonny, Katie

Bronze:  Gaffers, Rhys F-N, Alex

Thanks to coaches on the day Sophie, Karl & Luke.

Chi 1-1

Golds  – Emily (2), Alex

Silvers – Bella, Ethan, Rhys F-N, Euan F-N, Harvey

Dan Grading

Kathy Hook and Dave Morrison travelled up to Chi to examine on their Dan Grading Panel

Congratulations Sam Gough

on passing Day 3 of the Level 2 Coaches Course – just waiting to hear about the other 2 days now.


Yorkshire Open – 14th May 2017

Great performances at the Yorkshire Open this weekend in Bradford.

Gold – Rhys Turner, Euan Fyffe-Noble, Chelsey Evans, Ethan Crossland, Mason Yarrrow, Oliver Hammond

Silver – Amelia Gaffney, Katie Turland

Bronze – Rachel Atkinson, Rhys Fyffe-Noble



Ultimate Taekwondo have qualified for the Groundworks UK Scheme and for MAY/JUNE we are up for voting for an award via the local TESCO stores.  Make sure when you shop you ask for a token and vote by putting it in the plastic box on the way out.

Thanks and well done

to David Morrison for coaching the Team Ultimate players in the Presidents Cup in Athens, Greece.  No medals this time unfortunately.  David then went on to Rhodes where he was coaching the National Poomsae Team in the European Championships where GB came home with 5 medals.  Congratulations.

Brussels Cup April 2017

A team of 10 travelled over to Belgium for the Brussels Cup. David M, Kath and Mason were coaching.

Golds:  Mason Yarrow, Amelia Gaffney

Silvers:  Emily Gough, Latisha Garbett, Ethan Crossland, Isabella Congreve, Rachel Atkinson

Bronze:  Alex Wilkinson, Owen Blunt

Ultimates 1st Dan Grading

The first ever Ultimate Taekwondo Dan Grading took place at The Den on 2nd April 2017.  Students from Team Ultimate, Black Widow, Chi and Empire were grading.

Successful Ultimate students were:

1st Dans :  Emily Gough, Thomas Day, Rhys Fyffe-Noble, Julie Robbins

2nd Dans:  Sam Gough, Will Rudkin & Martin Henson

3rd Dan : Owen Blunt

Ultimate Open 2017

Fabulous performances yesterday by ALL Team Ultimate players at the Ultimate Open Championships.

Golds:  Mason Yarrow, Latisha Garbett, Alex Wilkinson, Owen Blunt, Rae Atkinson, Rhys Turner, Isabella Congreve, Ethan Crossland

Silvers:  Katie Turland, Euan Fyffe-Noble

Bronze : Sonny Lomozik


Welcome  to Team Ultimate – Rose Bryan


Congratulations to Jenny Furness on receiving your Level 2 Coaching Certificate.

Welcome to Team Ultimate Rachel Atkinson

Congratulations Owen Turner

Bronze at the Dutch Open in your first outing at junior.   Won 4 matches and Kath withdrew him before his semi final due to an injury.


Good Luck Leah2015-07-05 09.13.07

This week it is bittersweet as we say goodbye and good luck to Leah Moorby.  After 5 years with Team Ultimate Leah is moving on to the GB Academy to train as a full-time athlete.   Good Luck Leah – you’ll be fantastic.

IMG_2693Lutalo Muhammed Seminar

Well done to Emily Gough, Bella Congreve and Ethan Crossland at the Lutalo Seminar today hosted by Quest.  Congratulations to Ethan Crossland who was given a special award as one of the Top 10 students of the day.


Scorpion 1-1

Golds:  Alex W, Bella, Ethan, Rhys F-N, Rhys T, Owen T,

Silvers:  Katie (2), Emily, Latisha, Rowan, Euan


Welcome to the Club

New students joined from other clubs:  Demi and Rihanna and also the Carter family – Adam, Maria and Bobby.  Great to have you with us.


Yorkshire 1-1 Feb 2017

We took a small team over to Bradford for the Yorkshire 1-1.  A few strange interpretations of the new rules and certainly some ‘interesting’ matching of players.


Latisha, Isabella, Gaffers, Billy, Rhys T, Owen T, Serenity


Harvey, Katie, Sonny, Amelia P, Junaid & Serenity


To Dave Morrison, Mason Yarrow and Sam Gough on passing your Class 3 Judges Course.

Cadet of the Year 2016 AwardIMG_0276

Owen Turner attended the GB Academy in Manchester this weekend to collect his award.

Good Start to the Year

Ultimate TKD hosted a successful 1-1 Event at Barnsley on Sunday 22nd January.  Great ring-time for all players and some good performances against good opponents.  Learning for some – new A-class players and newbies on PSS. Well done.

New Look Gym for the New Year

Lots of hard work put in over the Christmas period by a number of coaches & parents to renovate the gym.  Its now looking fab – thanks for all your hard work.

2017 News

Great News regarding the GB Development Squads

Mason Yarrow remains in the Junior Squad

Owen Turner – accepted onto the Junior Squad

New Cadet members from January 2017 – Emily Gough, Katie Turland & Latisha Garbett


2016 Ultimate Award Winners

Congratulations to and well deserved winners

Best Pee : Ethan Crossland

Best Child : Rhys Turner

Best Cadet : Owen Turner

Best Junior : Mason Yarrow

Best Senior : Leah Moorby

Most Improved : Amelia Gaffney

best Newcomer : Latisha Garbett

Performance of the Year : Owen Blunt in the British Championships

Coaches Choice : Isabella Congreve

Promise for the Future : Emily Gough

Team Captain : Owen Turner

Dec 2016 – Owen Turner named GB’s Cadet Male of the Year for 2016

Fantastic achievement Owen and a great finish to your cadet career.

Dome 1-1 – Nov 2016

Golds:  Ethan, Bryonie, Rhys Fyffe-Noble, Euan Fyffe-Noble, Alex Wilkinson

Silvers : Isabella, Katie, Emily, Bryonie, Nafeesa

Leah Moorby World Championships

Leah defeats player from Jordan then narrowly loses out to Serbia in round 2

CONGRATULATIONS Leah Moorby on winning the OCS Young Sportsperson of the Year Award 2016!

Ultimate TKD Championships

Congratulations to all Team Ultimate players at the Ultimate Champs on 16th October.  FANTASTIC performances by everyone.

10 GOLDS:  Raz, Isabella, Rhys T, Chelsey, Macauley, Latisha, Sonny, Emily, Leah (Junior & Senior)

5 SILVERS:  Gaffers, Rhys Fyffe-Noble, Katie, Alex, Euan

3 BRONZE:  Billy, Ethan, Lewis

Horizon 1-1

Excellent performances from Team Ultimate at the Horizon 1-1 in Bradford

Gold:  Gaffers, Isabella, Lewis, Latisha, Ethan, Alex & Bryonie.

Silver : Imogen, Emily


Congratulations Mason Yarrow


Gold at the Latvian Open.  3 games – easily defeated Lithuania and Italy then won a tough final against Saudi Arabia.  Well done Mase.

Good Luck 

Good luck to Owen Turner at the SYS Grass Roots Sports Awards Wednesday 5th October at EIS Sheffield.

to Mason Yarrow – competing in the Latvian Open this weekend in Riga, Latvia.

to Leah Moorby – competing in Fighting Chance on Sunday in Manchester.

Team Ultimate success at British Championships 2016

3rd place team overall & 1st place in Novice Selection Trophy

2016-09-25-11-37-10GOLDS:   Owen Blunt (2 times),  Rhys Turner (2 times), Owen Turner (5 times), Chelsey Evans (7 times), Leah Moorby (5 times) won Junior & Senior, Isabella Congreve, Amelia Gaffney

SILVER : Amelia Pashley

BRONZE : Katie Turland, Ismail Coulibali, Latisha Garbett


img_1364Team Ultimate have a EUROPEAN CHAMPION

Massive congratulations to OWEN TURNER who became European Champion at the weekend at the 7th Cadet European Championships in Bucharest, Romania.

He was in fantastic form and defeated players from Bulgaria, Russia, Cyprus and Belarus to take the title.    WELL DONE OWEN.


Over 50’s Class

If you wish to sign up for our Over 50’s class – please call Kathy on 07742 479273.


GBR Team Selection

Congratulations to OWEN TURNER on selection for the forthcoming Cadet European Championships to take place in September in Bucharest, Romania.

Congratulations to LEAH MOORBY who will compete in the Junior World Championships in November in Canada.

Well done to you both.  Well-deserved and great achievement.

NTC Championships – July 2016

 1st place team

Golds –Ethan, Lewis, Latisha, Owen T, Mason, Isabella, Oliver, Leah

Silvers – Chelsey, Raz, Rhys T,

Dome Championships – June 2016

1st Place Team at The Dome.  Fantastic performances.

Gold:  Katie, Owen T, Ethan, Rhys T, Latisha, Sonny, Isabella, Leah

Silver : Gaffers, Billy, Owen B, Macauley, Raz

Bronze : Oliver



IMG_1398Joint Training Session

Excellent session on 22nd May with players from Chi, Empire and Liverpool Elite joining Team Ultimate to train.   Thanks for coming over and thanks for training so hard in the heat!











Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 13.56.43     New Partnership for Team Ultimate

Ultimate Taekwondo are pleased to announce a new partnership with Team Empire.   The 2 clubs have been working closely together over the last 12 months or so and have decided to cement this with a Partnership.   They will continue to work together to develop both clubs and the future development of Taekwondo.


Team Ultimate confirmed as GB Talent Club

At a meeting in Manchester yesterday it was confirmed that Team Ultimate are now a British Taekwondo TALENT CLUB.IMG_1353 (1)








Fantastic Results from Berlin Open 2016

Golds:  Aneila, Mason, Isabella, Ethan

Silver: Gaffers

Bronzes:  Macauley, Oliver, Jayden & Owen Blunt

Well done team and thanks to coaches Dave M, Karl & Aneila.

Good Luck

to Sophie Morrison running the Leeds Half Marathan on Sunday 8th May.

Coming Soon

Over 50’s veterans class at The Den – starting Thursday 9th June 2016  6.30-7.30pm.

Yorkshire Open 2016

Great performances and great results from the 12-strong team in the Yorkshire Open.  10 Golds and 2 Bronzes to take 2nd place team.  Thanks to coaches Karl, Dave, Raz and Luke on the day.

Golds:   Raz, Ethan, Isabella, Rhys, Lewis, Latisha, Leah, Mason, Oliver, Harvey

Bronzes :  Gaffers & Karl

Yorkshire OPen

Mud Run Fund-raiser

Huge congratulations to the Club Members who took part in the Mud Run last weekend. After snow-fall during the night – it was freezing and everyone was so up for it and AMAZING!!!    Monies raised were split between Club Funds and PARKINSONS RESEARCH.  We’ll notify you on here when we know final figures.

Thanks to those that braved the cold, endured the horrific mud, swam the lake, climbed the walls and finally jumped off the ledge over the finish!!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO Tyler, Mason, Dave, Me, Danielle, Dave M, Sophie, Odette, Karen, Lisa, Suzi, Sam, Ian, Anita, Julie & Brogan.


Lisa and Suzi









Sponsored Kick

Well done to all the members at the Sprotbrough class – a fantastic £266.82 raised for new kit.  Fantastic.

President’s Cup

We took 4 players over to the President’s Cup in Bonn, Germany.  Not the results we wanted but we came home with 1 bronze – Owen Turner.

Easter Fund-raiser

A fantastic night at The Broadway Hotel for our Easter Fundraiser.  It was great fun with Disco, Bingo, raffle etc.   Thanks to everyone who supported the event.   Massive thanks to the Broadway staff, Colette & Rob for organising and John for running the bingo.     Also big thanks to John for donating ENGLAND V HOLLAND Football tickets to auction off for club funds.    We raised £660 on the night plus the ticket sales.   THANKS AGAIN.

Ultimate Open Championships 20th March 2016

A hugely successful Championships hosted by Ultimate Taekwondo at Barnsley Metrodome.   Ultimate finished 1st with 15 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal but withdrew from the Team Event as event hosts.   GREAT PERFORMANCES by Team Ultimate.  Well done.    Massive thanks to everyone concerned with running the event.

GOLDS:   Mason Yarrow, Chelsey Evans (2), Oliver Hammond, Macauley Clarkson,  Sonny Lomozik, Danielle Lomozik, Rhys Turner, Ethan Crossland, Leah Moorby, Raz, Karl Crowley, Latisha Garbett, Katie Turland & Isabella Congreve.

SILVERS:  Amelia Pashley, Owen Blunt

BRONZE:  Billy Lomozik

2016-03-15 19.10.05  Dutch Open Championships

Great weekend at the Dutch Open for Team Ultimate players.

GOLD for Owen Turner -57kg cadet after easily defeating 3 opponents.

SILVER for Oliver Hammond -41kg cadet – 3 good wins over strong opponents only to lose the final because of a nosebleed!!!

Other team members out of medals Aneila, Leah, Karl & Mason – well done!!


 Sparring Session

Great session at the Den yesterday with players from Team Ultimate, Jeon Sa, All Stars, Lion, KBBA & Empire.  Thanks for attending.

Horizon 1-1

GOLDS: Ethan, Euan, Harvey, Jayden, Karl, Katie, Latisha, Leah, Lewis, Linc, Owen T, Rhys T, Rhys F-N, Raz


SILVERS: Gaffers, Billy, Bryonie, Euan, Isabella, Sonny, Latisha, Lewis

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 07.42.29


Leah Moorby – GB’s Junior Female Player of the year

Mason Yarrow GB’s Cadet Male Player of the Year

Both received their Awards at the GB Junior Camp last weekend.

Seminar with GB’s Steve Jennings

Well done to Ethan, Katie, Jayden, Isabella & Pashers who attended the KangcIMG_2013-2hul Academy for the session.

Talent Club

Team Ultimate have been confirmed as one of the Clubs continuing on the Talent Club Program with GB Taekwondo.


Ultimate 1-1


Bryonie Noble, Latisha Garbett (2), Rhys Turner, Ethan, Linc, Katie, Gaffers, Karl (2), Chelsey, Pashers


Rhys F-N, Euan Fyffe-Noble, Lewis Garbett, Isabella (2), Jayden, Katie, Pashers, Owen B, Amn, Harvey

Coaches: David, Sophie, Karl

2015 Award Winners

Best Child :  Rhys Turner/Sonny Lomozik

Best Cadet : Mason Yarrow

Best Junior : Leah Moorby

Best Senior : Chelsey Evans

Shot of the Year :  Owen Turner (Reverse Turning Kick V Jordan in Cadet Worlds)

Best Newcomer : Isabella Congreve

Promise for the Future : Rhys Turner

Coaches Choice : Danielle Lomozik

2016 Team Captain : OWEN TURNER

Massive Congratulations

to Leah Moorby – GB’s Junior Female Player of the Year 2015

and Mason Yarrow – GB’s Cadet Male Player of the Year 2015

Massive achievement – well done.


Good Luck

Good Luck to Leah Moorby and Aneila Afsar flying out to Romania today for the U21’s European Championships.   Enjoy girls.


Quest Open Championships

GOLD:  Jayden Lister, Owen Turner, Isabella Congreve, Pashers

SILVER:   Ethan Crossland, Katie Turland

BRONZE : Rhys Turner,

Ultimate 1-1 Sunday 8th November

Hugely successful 1-1 and Poomsae event held at the Metrodome hosted by Ultimate Taekwondo.

Golds:   Sonny, Billy 2, Euan, Rhys FN, Raz, Karl, Connor c, Isaac X 2, Isabella, Ethan (2), Owen B, Olli, Danielle, Gaffers, Linc, Macauley, Katie

Silver :  Briony, Rhys T, Harvey, Katie, John

Great to have Raz back coaching and in the ring.     Thanks to coaches Raz, Karl, Luke & David on the day.

Congratulations to the 1st timers – EUAN FYFFE-NOBLE, BRYONIE NOBLE & ISAAC CONGREVE.

Thanks to Sarah for re-matching throughout, thanks to John Bass, Chief Ref – great job as usual, all the Refs/Judges, Ultimate helpers, Players, Coaches and Parents.

Fantastic to see Carole and Sam back where they belong!!

Congratulations – Jenny Furness 3rd Dan

IMG_0826A massive well down to Jenny on passing to 3rd Dan Black Belt Belt at the British Taekwondo grading on 1st November.    Thanks to Odette for keeping her calm and controlled on the day!!


Junior European Championships, Latvia, 2015


Leah Moorby defeats players from Belgium and Azerbaijan and loses out to Croatia in the semi finals of the Junior European Championships in  Latvia.   Great performance by Leah even though she was disappointed not to take the gold.

Congratulations to Team Ultimate player Aneila Afsar who was also competing over there but unfortunately went out to France in the preliminary rounds.   Well done though, Aneila.

Both girls are representing Great Britain again in the U21 European Championships next month in Romania.


Grand Prix 2015

Rhys Turner escorts athletes out for semis and finals on Day 2 of the event

Team Ultimate’s Junior Tag Team with Macauley Clarkson take GOLD V NTC.

British Champion Pee Wees Owen Blunt, Sonny Lomozik and Rhys Turner train alongside the GB Development Squads

Owen Turner plays for WLM in the Cadet Tag Team V Gurumu


Yorkshire Open 2015

2nd place team

Golds:   Linc Strong, Sonny Lomozik, Rhys Turner, Isabella Congreve, Oli Hammond, Owen Turner

Silvers:  Billy Lomozik, Ethan Crossland, Amelia Pashley

Bronzes :  Macauley Clarkson, Owen Blunt, John Steele

British Championship Success


The 2015 British Championships was a huge success for Team Ultimate.  2nd Place Team on Day 2, 2nd place Team overall and 1st place in the Team Selection Trophy on Day 2.  Fantastic.

British Champions 2015

Leah Moorby (3 times)                      Aneila Afsar (3 times)                            Owen Blunt

Mason Yarrow                                     Chelsey Evans (6 times)                        Rhys Turner

Sonny Lomozik                                   Chris Swanborough (3 times)               Sam Burns


Silver Medallists                           Danielle Lomozik                                     Tyler Barwell

Bronze Medallists                        Billy Lomozik                                            Amelia Pashley

Ethan Crossland                                 Owen Turner                                             Isabella Congreve

Linc Strong                                           Katie Turland                                           Aneila Afsar


Rest of team : congratulations great performances Macauley Clarkson, Karl Crowley & Oliver Hammond.

Thanks to the amazing Team Ultimate staff :  Dave Morrison, Sophie Morrison, Luke Millar, Ashley Hutton, Karl Crowley & Gary Moorby.


Wolf Run

Some of the Team Ultimate ladies just ran the Wolf Run for charity – to raise funds for Rotherham Hospice.  Odette, Kath, Soph, Vicky all got dirty in the 10K obstacle race.


World Bronze Medallist

Congratulations to Mason Yarrow – he is now World Bronze Medalist from the recent World Cadet Championships in Muju, Korea.   Mason defeated the current European Champion from Azerbaizan, then Iran and Denmark before losing out on Golden Point in the semis to the Mexican.  Well done Mason.

Well done also to Owen Turner who defeated Australia in his first round and lost on Golden Point to the Jordan player.   Great performance Owen.

Good Luck!!!2015-08-11 18.13.24

To Mason and Owen – going over to Korea for the 2nd World Cadet Championships this weekend.   Both have trained hard and prepared well.  All the best lads!!!

Liverpool Championships

Thanks to Karl and Sophie for taking the team to the 2nd Liverpool Championships.

Golds:  Leah, Owen, Mason

Silvers : Amelia P

Bronze : Rhys T, Katie

TKD Tots GradingTots Grading

Well done to Luke for getting your TKD Tots through their first grading tonight.


London Championships July 2015

2nd Place Team

Golds:  Sonny (2), Isabella, Owen T, Rhys T, Oliver, Swanny, Katie, Aneila, Mason

Silver:  Chelsey, Chris Sanderson, Ethan

Bronze :  Macauley, Jack, Danielle, Billy, Alex S

Great performances by the full team.

Thanks to Ash,  Karl & Sophie for coaching alongside Kath.


Ultimate’s Rising Star

Congratulations to Aneila Afsar on your RISING STAR award at the local Sports Awards – pictured right with Tessa Sanderson – former GBR athlete.


Dome Championships July 2015

3rd Place Team

Golds: Owen T, Rhys T, Leah, Sonny

Silvers: Sam, Danielle, Macauley, Owen B, Katie T

Bronze : Billy, Gaffers, Pashers, Chris Sanderson, Alex, Ethan, Jack, Dan

No-one would fight Chelsey!!!!



GB Selection for Team Ultimate

Massive congratulations to the following on GBR selection for major events this year:

European Poomsae Championships :  Serbia : Dave Morrison Manager/Coach

European Cadet Championships: France : Mason Yarrow

World Cadet Championships : Korea : Mason Yarrow & Owen Turner

European Junior Championships : Latvia : Leah Moorby & Aneila Afsar


Chi 1-1 14th June 2015

Golds:  Billy, Sonny, Danielle

Silvers:  Rhyss Fyffe-Noble (2), Harvey

Ultimate 1-1 7th June 2015


Linc, Junayd, Owen Blunt, Rhys T, Gaffers, Harvey, Billy, Pashers, Karl, Danielle (x3), Sonny, Mason Yarrow, Sam, Dan, Oliver

Silvers:  Karl, Amn, Jayden, Rhys Fyffe-Noble


Dan Grade Results

Congratulations to Martyn Nelson on passing 1st Dan and Owen Blunt on achieving 2nd Dan.  Great performances.  Thanks to Dave Morrison for guiding them on the day.


GB Selection

Well done Mason Yarrow on selection for GB Team for European Cadet Championships.

Owen Turner reserve for -45kg.  Well done and unlucky this time Owen.

NTC Championships

Gold  Isabella, Sonny, Billy, Danielle, Swanny, Rhys T, Owen T, Leah

Silver            Owen Blunt & Gaffers

Bronze          Linc & John

3rd Place Team Day 2

Quest 1-1

Golds – Rhys F-N, Danielle, Sonny, Harvey, Billy (x 2)

Silvers – Billy, John, Sophia & Junayd

Thanks to coaches Luke & Sophie


Good and Bad

Bad news – majority of Team didn’t make Spanish Open due to Air traffic Control Strike action by the French!!

Good news – MASON YARROW takes gold.  Now Spanish Open Champion 2015.  Congratulations Mason.

Unlucky Owen Turner – beaten in the quarter finals.


Mason Spain Gold




Busy Weekend ahead

Good luck to all Team Ultimate competing next weekend.

Spanish Open – Leah, Amelia, Aneila, Linc, Owen & Mason.

Quest 1-1 – Junayd, Rhys F-N, Sophia, Danielle, Billy, Sonny & Harvey.

Taekwondo Tots

Starting Monday 30th March – 4.30 – 5.30 ages 3-7.



Scorpion 1-1 Fight Day

Sunday 22nd March at Barnsley

Coaches : Luke, Sophie & Megan

Golds : Danielle (3), Isabella (2), Rhys Fyffe-Noble, Sonny, Billy

Silvers – Gaffers, Junayd, Harvey


Dutch Open 2015



G2 Results – 2 silvers – Leah Moorby & Mason Yarrow – Congratulations.


Challenge Cup, Belgium

Amazing performances by Team Ultimate at the Challenge Cup in Belgium last weekend.   FANTASTIC!

Golds:   Aneila, Jack, Jayden & Oliver

Bronze : Mason G

Other players: Ciaran H & Tyler (withdrew injured).

Cracking day and great results.


Yorkshire 1-1 hosted by Horizon TKD

Team Ultimate had great success at the Horizon 1-1 sat Bradford on 22nd February.

Golds:  Gaffers (2), Sonny (2), Billy, Karl, Pashers, Rhys T, Sophia, Isabella, Jayden, Mason, Macauley, Chelsey, Harvey, Danielle, Amn, Sam, Owen B & Ciaran H

Silvers: John S, Rhys F-N, Linc, Ciaran H

Thanks to Aneila for worming them up, Sophie, Chelsey & Macauley for videoing, statto for usual data keeping and Luke for coaching.  Well done everyone.

New date for your diary

Club Race Night arranged for Saturday 4th April 2015 at The Broadway Pub, Dunscroft, Doncaster.  TO RAISE MONEY FOR CLUB FUNDS.  Further details to follow.



Team Ultimate players over at the GB Academy training with the Korean National Team this week.  Aneila, Leah & Amelia.



to Jack Lockwood – BRONZE medal at the US Open 2015.  Won 3 games.  Well done Jack – a great start to the year.


GB Development Squad Selection

Congratulations to Oliver Hammond and Lincoln Strong who have been selected for the GB Development Squads.  Well done lads.


New Class

Dave Morrison is starting a new class at the Concord Sports Centre, Sheffield on Thursday 8th January 2015.



Classes starting Thursday 8th January 2015 6.56 – 7.45 – to be taught be Odette.

Commonwealth Championships

Gold : Leah Moorby, Aneila Afsar, Mason Yarrow, Ellie Johnson

Silver : Jack Lockwood, Amelia Pashley, Owen Turner

Bronze : Raz

Team Ultimate round-up of last 12 months

Well what a past 12 months we have had at Team Ultimate.  Where to start:

12 months ago : Serbian Open – 2 silver medals – Aneila & Mason

6 Pass to 1st Dan, 3 to 2nd and 1 to 3rd at British Taekwondo Dan Grading

March 2014 Dutch Open, Mason Yarrow – Silver,  Owen Turner Bronze , Tyler Barwell lost on superiority in quarters.

Leah & Aneila selected for GB Junior Team for Junior Worlds Championships in Beijing

Leah becomes World Junior bronze medallist

May Dan Grading – 3 pass to 1st Dan and 1 passes to 2nd Dan

June – Leah – bronze at Austrian Open

Mason & Owen selected for GB Cadet Team

Mason loses at quarter final stage of Cadet World Championships

Ciaran West selected for England Poomsae Team for Commonwealth Championships

Team Ultimate awarded Clubmark

Aneila Afsar selected for GB Team for U-21’s in Austria

9 British Champions, 5 silver medals and 2 bronze medals

12 selected for England team for  Commonwealth Championships

Team Ultimate juniors qualify for Tag Team for Grand Prix

Team Ultimate cadets qualify for Tag Team for Grand Prix

Owen Blunt selected as athlete escort for Grand Prix

In addition funding obtained from Awards4All for a new project in Sheffield a small grant successfully achieved from Sport England aswell as funding from S Y Sport for coaching courses and an award from Gilette for Level 2 coaching.


Yorkshire Open Championships

GREAT PERFORMANCES yesterday by the Team Ultimate players.  1st place team.

GOLD:   Mason Goulding, Amelia Gaffney, Owen Blunt, Oli Hammond, Chelsey Evans, Elise Johnson

SILVER: Macauley Clarkson, Linc Strong, Amn Sahota

BRONZE : Dan Carpanini, Ciaran Harnedy

Quest Championships

Some good performances at the Quest Championships yesterday – 2nd place team with only 9 players.

GOLD:  Mason Yarrow, Ciaran Harnedy, Elise Johnson, Amn Sahota, Jayden Lister, Jack Lockwood

SILVER: Mason Goulding, Amelia Gaffney

BRONZE: Amelia Pashley, Amn Sahota

Commonwealth Selection

Great news on selection for the Commonwealth Championships – 12 Team Ultimate players selected:

Mason Yarrow, Tyler Barwell, Owen Turner, Linc Strong,  Leah Moorby, Aneila Afsar, Jack Lockwood, Amelia Pashley, Jordan Lill & Raz.  Well done.


British Championships

9 British Champions –  

Ciaran Harnedy, Oli Hammond, Chelsey Evans, Owen Turner, Connor Lill, Chris Sanderson, Chris Swanny, Leah Moorby, Jack Lockwood

5 Silver Medallists

Sam Burns, Jayden Lister, Mason Yarrow, Owen Blunt, Aneila Afsar

2 Bronze Medallists

Raz, Elise Johnson


Good Luck to the British Champs Team competing this weekend

Owen Blunt, Rhys Turner, Amelia Gaffney, Oliver Hammond, Jayden Lister

Tyler, Mason Y, Owen T, Linc, Ellie, Alex, Connor, Ciaran

Jack, Amelia, Aneila, Leah, Sam, Macauley

Raz, Chris, Swanny, Jordan, Chelsey, Mase G



to Aneila Afsar on selection for the GB Team to compete in the European Under 21’s Championships in Austria.  Good Luck Aneila.


Purple Vouchers

Now in stock – we have 3-weeks to sell them so don’t miss out.


Great Weekend

at the bunkbarn training camp in the Yorkshire Dales.  Well done everyone – you trained really hard.   Thanks to the parents for mucking in, joining in, cleaning up, cooking etc.   Great teamwork.

DSCN4208 small DSCN4105 small DSCN4152 small



to Team Ultimate – Daniel Carpanini.  You’ll be a great asset to the team.  Nice to have you with us.

Purple Vouchers

Coming again soon – available to buy from THE DEN from next week.   £20.00 per book.  You can pre-order yours now.


Great Day

Fanstastic day yesterday at the Scorpion 1-1.  Really pleasing performances.

Rhyss Fyffe Noble, Jayden Lister & Amelia Gaffney – massive improvements across the board – really good

Owen Turner – good ring-time before the Brits – on for a 4th British Title.  Looked comfortable throughout. 2 x gold

Rhys Turner – I wanted to see you tested and I did – you were great.  1 black belt and 1 10-year old.   Well done.

Mason Goulding – good stuff – 2 golds –   wait till you do in the ring what you’re capable of – they won’t know whats him them!

Amelia Pashley – good hard match – great prep for Brits.  Well done. Gold

Macauley Clarkson – great performance – strong and confident.  Very, very good.

Jordan Lill – a bit ring-rusty but a good performance – Im just relieved you didn’t break!

Owen Blunt – Little Superstar!!!  Came from 10 points behind to win by 5.  What a comeback and a fantastic performance.


Good Luck

to the Team Ultimate players competing in Scorpion 1-1 this weekend :  Mason G, Amelia P, Amelia G, Owen T, Owen B, Jayden, Rhys F-N, Rhys T & Macauley.  Enjoy – its good ring time for the British.


Mason YarrowDSCN3500

Quarter finalist World Cadet Championships 20145.  Defeated Mexico 9-8, Germany 8-3 but lost in quarters to Iran.  Well done Mason.

British International Open

Great performance sthis weekend  in Aylesbury.   Really pleasing at this stage.   Well done Team Ultimate.

GOLDS:   Tyler, Ellie, Connor, Oliver, Raz, Amelia, Chelsey

SILVERS:  Sam, Jayden, Macauley, Linc

BRONZE:  Ciaran H


Poomsae:    Ciaran West – GOLD

Chi 1-1

Golds:   Jayden Lister, Owen Blunt & Amelia Gaffney

Silvers:  Jayden Lister , Rhys Fyffe-Noble

ClubmarkClubmark small

After months of hard work Ultimate have been awarded the prestigious CLUBMARK award.  Thanks to Stuart Rogers of South Yorkshire Sport for bringing the Certificate across between classes last night.  Proud moment.


GB Selection

Congratulations to Ciaran West on your selection for GB Team to compete in the Commonwealth Games in the Poomsae section.   Selected for individual and synchron team.  Well done.


Red Vs Blue Championships

1st place team at our own Championships yesterday.

Golds:   Mason Y, Chelsey, Raz, Oliver, Ciaran H, Macauley, Leah, Amelia & Owen T

Silvers: Tyler, Litl Owen, Sam B

Bronze : Jayden, Linc

Best Player Awards were received by Leah Moorby, Amelia Pashley & Mason Yarrow, as decided by the Referees.



Mason Yarrow (37kg) and Owen Turner (41kg) selected for GB Cadet Squad to compete in 1st World Cadet Championships in Azerbaijan at the end of July.  Whoop whoop!!  Go Boys!!


Good Luck

to everyone competing at the Ultimate Red Vs Blue Championships this weekend:

Owen Blunt, Innes Benton, Finlay Benton, Jayden Lister, Tyler B, Mason Y, Mason G, Jack, Raz, Owen T, Linc, Niamh, Stevie, Chelsey, Macauley, Ciaran, Leah, Olli Hammond, Sam B, Elise Johnson & Rhys T.


Good Luck

to Team Ultimate players competing in the Austrian Open Championships this weekend – enjoy & all the best!   Tyler, Mason Y, Owen T, Leah, Finlay, Jack and Jamie S-K.

Good Luck to Neil who has kindly volunteered to sort out the train transfers from Germany – GO NEIL!



Sam Burns – bronze in Dutch Masters last weekend


Good Luck

to Sam Burns and Owen Blunt travelling over to compete in the Dutch Masters this weekend.  Go for it lads!


100% again at the Dan Grading

Vikki Allen passed today to 2nd Dan.  Well done!!!DSCN3311


Congratulations to New Black Belts at the Dan Grading

Tyler Barwell, Oliver Hammond, Owen Blunt & Lewis Thompson.  Well done.

Good Luck

to Leah Moorby this evening. Nominated at the Sue Ryder Yorkshire Women of Achievement Awards in Leeds

And welcome to

Megan Hughes.   Enjoy yourself at Team Ultimate.


Welcome to

new Team Ultimate player, Mason Goulding.   Nice to have you on board.  Welcome to the Team.


Well Done

Congratulations at the Liverpool Open Champiopnships last weekend.  Some fantastic performances and some good results.

Gold:  Amelia Pashley, Leah Moorby, Mason Yarrow, Owen Turner

Silver : Oli Hammond, Innes Benton, Owen Blunt, Linc Strong, Finlay Benton,

Unlucky draw Macauley Clarkson – Brad Sinden first round – Brad went on to take the gold.

Good performance by Jamie Simpson-Kidd against James Roydon from Unite.  Played well.


Sad News

RIP Dave Kennett – my old friend.  A truly lovely man.  You will be missed.


Well done

to the Ultimate players that competed at the Ultimate 1-1 last Sunday. Some fantastic performances across the board. Special well done to Amelia Gaffney in your first ever match.   Get well soon Jordan Lill – another broken arm!!!  Hope thats the end of it now.

Golds:  Tyler, Mason, Amelia P (2), Amelia G, Innes, Finlay, Chelsey, Niamh, Ellie (2), Stevie, Rhys T (2), Owen T (2), Jamie S-K, Olli

Silvers: Jayden, Little Rhys, Macauley, Chelsey, Jordan (broken too)

Well Done

to the medallists at the Welsh Open Championships last weekend.  Get well soon Jake Grady – broken arm again.

Gold:  Linc Strong, Jack Lockwood, Jake Grady, Chelsey Evans & Ciaran Harnedy

Silver:  Innes Benton

Bronze : Macauley Clarkson, Finlay Benton


Leah Medal

Good Luck

to the small team of players attending the Welsh Open this weekend.

Innes Benton, Finlay Benton, Macauley Clarkson, Jake Grady, Linc Strong, Chelsey Evans, Ciaran Harnedy & Tyler Barwell.

Congratulations Leah

World Bronze Medallist.   Another medal to add to your already impressive CV.  Well done.   First time out of cadets.  What an achievement!!!   Well done!!!


News from Korea

Unlucky Aneila.  Tough draw – went out 10-8 to Iran after conceding a last second headshot.

Leah plays on Tuesday.

Korea Blog

Leah – Training outside (see pic below). 28 degrees today.  Had to put our pads on, it was so hot.  At least we’ll sweat off some weight!   Gaz coming out tonight!!


Dutch Open 2014

Aaron smallFANTASTIC performances at the Dutch Open.  Came away with 2 medals – Mason Yarrow Silver & Owen Turner Bronze.  It should have been 2 golds and a silver!!    Extremely poor video replay!!!!!

Jack Lockwood played very well against Mike Anderson from Denmark – same lad he played in Serbia.  Much better performance this time.  So close.

Amelia was unlucky in the draw in her first ever international event.  She drew the Croatian girl who went on to  easily defeat all her opponents to take the gold.   Amelia tried hard and performed as well as she could.

Tyler Barwell – beat Serbia National Team first round then a player from Den Haag, Holland next.   He was ripped off in the quarter final against Belgium.   He should really have faced teammate Mason Yarrow in the final.   Mason had a good day too defeating Serbia first, then Baris from Holland in the quarters.  He beat Persson from Sweden in the semis and met Riemer from Germany in the final.   Lost the final on very debatable scoring and poor video replay.

Owen Turner defeated Christian Dell of Germany first round (silver medallist from Serbia) and a club side from Holland second round.  He met the German in the semi finals.  ROBBED BLIND with a video replay with 5 seconds left.  Still a bronze in his first Cadet international is fantastic.

Got to kill it before Austria guys and you’ll do well there.

Korea Blog


Aneila – At Hotel in Taiwan training twice a day.  So hot here!  Trained

outside in 26 degrees – burnt my feet!!!

Not long now girls.


Korea Blog

Leah – “had test matches today against the High School Team – both won.  Some training Friday then going to the Kukkiwon on Saturday and having the day off to pack.  Due to leave for Taipei on Sunday.

Tell everyone good luck for Holland!

Aneila wanted to know how the Mexican Team did in the last Europeans!?!!!   Say no more…..”

Good Luck Team Ultimate

at the Dutch Open this weekend – Tyler, Mason, Jack, Amelia & Owen.   It’s a massive event and there are some quality players in all the weights.  It will be a tough one for everyone


News from Korea

Not much from Korea this time – they went to a diving centre and Aneila ‘JAMP’ off the 10m board – great fun she says!   She’s now flapping about her weight although not much to lose.


Korea Blog

Flip flop Aneila


At 3am Leah sent a photograph of Aneila’s head from underneath the massage table.  She looks   like  a flip flop with a face!

Aneila – done a sparring session with Korean senior team and the Mexican National Team. Enjoyed the play sparring – didn’t have any problems. Played a senior 60kg player in test match.




Great SessionSmaller

today at The Den with Tony Grisman.  Well done everybody and thanks to Tony.

Well Done Ciaran

National Poomsae Championships 3rd Place individual and 2nd in Synchron Team.   Nice one.


Korea Blog

Day off today – been to Korean Disneyland.  Been well fun.  Great bonding with team.  ‘Ate these little like fish things with the eyes in and everything at a restaurant’ – Aneila.

Good Luck

to Ciaran West in the National Poomsae Championships today.

to Finlay Benton at the Test Event at GB Academy today.

Korea Blog

Aneila & Leah training hard in Korea (see pic).

Spent time in the Korean markets – not like you to wanna go shopping Aneila!

Saturday – over to Olympic Park today.  Supposed to be sparring session this morning but too many Koreans ‘injured’ so played football instead!!!


Date Change – September 1-1

As the date of the British Championships has been announced at the 20th & 21st September, the Ultimate 1-1 scheduled for 28th September will be moved forward to Sunday 7th September.


Leah & Aneila’s blog from Korea – Wednesday

Aneila – Just found wifi and finished full days training.  Did test matches with Korean girls but not on Daedo. Won all my matches on headshots.

Hotel a bit S*** – 6 in a room – just mattresses on floor and 1 loo.   Meals all the same – every meal – at least I’ll make my weight easy.


Leah – Training good – 2 test matches against Koreans – battered them both!  They don’t have Daedo.  Weather is cold but warm when sun is out!


Good Luck Girls


Aneila and Leah flew out to Korea today for training and final preparation before the Junior World Championships.  Enjoy girls!!!  We’ll miss you.

Great Day

At the Horizon 1-1 on 23rd March.  Well organised, well attended and an early finish.

Some great performances for Team Ultimate players.  Well done first timers Jayden Lister and Rhys Fyffe-Noble.  Nice to see Ellie & Finlay back in the ring after such a long time.

GOLD:  Mason Yarrow, Jayden Lister, Chelsey, Macauley, Joe, Owen T, Rhys T, Swanny (2), Finlay, Amelia, Ellie, Cami, Kieran & Ciaran

SILVER :  Joe, Sam, Rhys & Linc




Busy Weekend for Team Ultimate

Good Luck to everyone:

Jack Lockwood competing in Luxembourg Open this weekend – tagging along with NTC.   Go Jack!

Oli, Tomo & Little Owen at the Dan Grading Seminar in Mansfield on Sunday.

All players competing in the Horizon 1-1 on Sunday    Mason, Chelsey, Rhys T, Owen T, Rhys F-N, Sam, Macauley, Innes, Finlay, Ellie, Amelia, Joe, Jayden, Ciaran, Swanny, Linc, Cami & Kieran.

Great session today

Small Small2


Well done, Alex

Gold in the 4th Annual Royal Princes Cup Tournament in Thailand at -45kg.  Congratulations.


NTC Championships

Great day at the NTC Championships.  Very busy.  Well organised.  Well done Mark and team.

Team Ultimate did very well. Some really great performances.

GOLD:   Mason Yarrow, Amelia Pashley, Chelsey Evans, Macauley Clarkson, Jack Lockwood

SILVER: Jordan Lill, Owen Turner (withdrew injured), Oliver Hammond

BRONZE : Sam Burns, Owen Blunt, Jake Grady

Other players Ciaran Harnedy, Linc Strong, Niamh & Stevie Grady – well done.



Ultimate 1-1 23rd March cancelled.  Now 13th April at Concorde Leisure Centre, Sheffield (Upper Sports Hall)

Great weekend

Team Ultimate had a great weekend at the Chi Ireland Championships.  Only a small team went to take part.   There were some good players competing so we had some good competition and some good games.

GOLD:  Owen Turner, Aneila Afsar, Leah Moorby, Amelia Pashley, Mason Yarrow

SILVER: Rhys Turner, Macauley Clarkson, Leah Moorby

BRONZE : Macauley Clarkson, Lincoln Strong

Next Ultimate Event

1-1 Fight Day & Poomsae Event – Sunday 23rd March @ Barnsley Metrodome


2013 Awards

Congratulations to the Award Winners at the 2013 Presentation Night:

Best Pee Wee – Owen Blunt

Best Child – Owen Turner

Best Cadet – Leah Moorby

Best Junior – Jordan Lill

Best Senior – Chris Swanborough

Most Improved – Chelsey Evans

Shot of the Year – Tyler Barwell

Player’s Player – Leah Moorby (2014 Team Captain)

Promise for the Future – Mason Yarrow

Performance of the Year – Leah Moorby

Coaches Choice – Aneila Afsar & Macauley Clarkson


Team Ultimate girls Leah Moorby and Aneila Afsar selected for Great Britain team to represent the Country in next year’s Junior World Championships.  This will take place in Chinese Taipei in March. Well done.  So proud of you both,


Ultimate 1-1 at Sheffield

It was a great day last Sunday for the Ultimate 1-1 Fight Day.  Some great matches.  Team Ultimate as usual put in some fantastic performances.


GOLD : Rhys,  Niamh,  Owen T , Linc,   Connor , Macauley,   Chelsey,  Stevie,  Mason, Amelia, Ciaran (2), Cami, Oliver,  Raz,  Owen T


SILVER :  Sophia,  Sam Burns, Joe, Linc


Ciaran Harnedy – Bronze Patterns

Thanks to Sophie – Video Analyst

Busy Weekend

Lots on this weekend for Team Ultimate.

Leah, Aneila & Jordan at GBTaekwondo on Sunday having test matches against the Fighting Chance Guys.

Oli at GBTaekwondo Saturday at his first Development Camp.

Chris Swanny competing in the Army Invitational Event.

And team competing at Ultimate 1-1 at Sheffield – Owen & Rhys T, Chelsey, Macauley, Connor & Cami, Mason & Jayden, Amelia & Sophia, Niamh & Stevie, Sam B, Linc Strong, Ciaran H & Raz.

All the best to Rhys T and Sam B in your first ever match and all the best to Raz in his retirement game.




to Ultimate Taekwondo – hope you are happy in your new Club – Vicky, Martin, Mark, Niamh, Katie & Jacob.


What a weekend Croatia/Dan Grading

Dan Grading

100% pass rate again

Huge congratuDave Smalllations to Master David Morrison on passing to 5th Dan. David is the first Ultimate student to achieve the grade of 5th Dan.  Its taken a huge  commitment and  massive dedication.  Well done David.


Ciaran West – well done – passed to 3rd Dan – made it look very, very easy.DSCN2647


Jenny Furness – SO PROUD OF YOU! Passed to 2nd Dan.  Massive congrats to Jenny.



Niamh & Stevie Grady also passed to 2nd Dan.


and a bunch of new Black Belts – Mason, Joe, Owen, Macauley & Connor.   (Never mind Tyler – you’ll be there next time).Black small

Great performances and even greater results.  You all did Team Ultimate proud.

Thanks to Kath, Odette and Dave M for preparing them.

Croatia Open Championships

Congratulations Leah Moorby – Silver.  4 great wins and a great performance in the final.  This A-Class silver finishes off a great year – Bronze in Belgium, Gold in Spain, Bronze at the European Championships and British Champion.  What a year – well done!

Great performance by Jordan Lill – beat Italy first then narrowly lost to French National team who went on to take the gold.

Other players were Jack Lockwood and Aneila Afsar.

Thanks to Raz for looking after the squad over there.


Good Luck

To the Team Ultimate players competing in Serbia this weekend:  Mason Yarrow, Tyler Barwell, Amelia Pashley,  Aneila Afsar and Jack Lockwood.    Have a good time!!!!


Chi Championships

Only a small team attended the Chi Championships but we did well:

Gold:  Mason Yarrow, Chelsey Evans, Owen Blunt, Jordan Lill

Bronze:  Sophia Pashley & Oli Hammond

Scottish Poomsae Championships

Dave Morrison – Silver individual

Dave Morrison & Hollie Bousfield – Silver in pairs

Ciaran West – bronze

Sophie Morrision – made final



Change of Events

The events scheduled for October and November will NOT be going ahead.  Only 1-1 on 1st December will be going ahead.



Good Luck

to the Poomsae players going up to Scotland this weekend – Dave Morrison, Ciaran West & Sophie Morrison and coach Odette. Bring home the medals.



New Ultimate Event for Calendar

Another Ultimate 1-1 & Poomsae event is to take place on Sunday 1st December at Concorde Leisure Centre, Sheffield.


Great Weekend & Great Results at the 2013 British Championships

10 Gold, 5 Silver, 6 Bronze medals.

1st Place in the Selection Trophy (advanced grades)

5 out of 5 Golds on selection nominations (novice grades)

2nd place team on Day 1 (advanced cadet, junior & senior)

3rd place team on Day 2 (children, novice cadet/junior/senior & veterans)

2nd place team OVERALL.

Congratulations to GURUMU who took 1st place teams both days and overall.

British Champions 2013:   Leah Moorby, Amelia Pashley, Alex Needham, Owen Turner, Alex Sanderson, Chris Swanborough, Chris Sanderson, Chelsey Evans, Chelsey Evans & Jordan Lill.

Silver Medalists:  Joe Latto, Aneila Afsar, Jack Lockwood, Macauley Clarkson, Niamh Grady

Bronze Medalists:  Jordan Lill, Mason Yarrow, Stevie Grady, Elise Johnson, Luke Millar, Owen Blunt

Thanks to Dave Morrison, Luke Millar & Tim Needham for coordinating the team in the holding area.  Thanks to Gaz for warming up and supporting the clipboard guys.  Thanks to Media guys Paul Latto & Andy Johnson.  Thanks to coaches Kath, Raz & Ash.  Thanks to the supporters. Fantastic teamwork.

Alex Needham and Leah Moorby (current European Bronze Medalists) looked classes above their opposition all day – 12-pointing them all.  Been a long-time coming Alex but fantastic performance.   A great follow up to the Euros Leah.

Jordan Lill – 2 times in a row (and bronze in senior).

Owen Turner – 3 consecutive British Championships Golds.

Chelsey Evans – wow!  Double Double.  Gold again in Junior & Senior (2nd consecutive year). Junior final lasted only 3 kicks.

Amelia Pashley – glad to have you back to your old self and your own fighting style.  2 comfortable matches and a British title.

Tyler Barwell – unlucky draw but a great match against current European Championship Viroshan Gnanapandithan of Gurumu.

Jack Lockwood and Macauley Clarkson – both unlucky with their Golden Point defeats – Jacks a tad controversial – great performances lads – really should have been 2 more golds.

We were subjected to some dirty tactics taking kicks to the face whilst on the floor a few times – Aneila Afsar, Jordan Lill & Niamh Grady. Its bad to need to cheat to win.  Also subject to some dubious refereeing in terms of nazi approaches to kyongos!

Chris Swanborough came from behind in his final with some great head shots to take the British title.

Chris Sanderson played great and won gold on a sneaky golden point in the final.

Mason Yarrow – caught early and had to chase for 3 rounds against Nithin Fransis (GB cadet team member).  Great effort Mase – be patient, your time will come.

Joe Latto and Alex Sanderson played great all day and were destined to meet in the finals.  Well done lads – a tough category.

Unlucky on the pee wee categories – Owen Blunt & Marley Buckham – tough draws against good lads.   Also Cameron Lill and Oliver Hammond losing out to tough opposition (the two finallists in the category).

Other non-medallists but some good performances – Linc Strong (great first game, tougher second match), Jake Grady, Tyler Barwell, Connor Lill (not your day Connor).

Fantastic results but still room for improvement.


Good Luck Team Ultimate

at the British Championships this weekend.

Competing Saturday Advanced Grade Cadets, Juniors & Seniors :

Jake Grady, Mason Yarrow, Tyler Barwell, Lincoln Strong, Connor Lill, Macauley Clarkson, Niamh Grady, Stevie Grady, Ellie Johnson, Amelia Pashley, Leah Moorby, Aneila Afsar, Jack Lockwood, Alex Needham, Jordan Lill (Junior & Senior) & Luke Millar.

Competing Sunday – All Children, Novice Junior & Senior & Veterans

Owen Blunt, Marley Buckham, Cami Lill, Oli Hammond, Joe Latto, Alex Sanderson, Owen Turner, Chelsey Evans (Junior & Senior), Chris Swanny & Chris Sanderson (Senior & Vets).



European Bronze Medallist for Team Ultimate

Congratulations to Leah Moorby of Team Ultimate. Although gutted to have lost on Golden Point you’ve done fantastic.  Bronze here – lots more International medals to come – its just the start for you.  Next Year – A-classes, transition to juniors.   2 weeks time – British Champion.  Its all to come Leah.   We are proud of you – well done.

Also Amelia Pashley – losing 6-1 to Turkey – well done.  A good performance.  Learn from the experience – its all you need.  You’ve been training at this level for less than a year – you’ve come a long way.   Again British Championships 2 weeks, lots more opens and then you’ll be ready!

Proud of you both.  Well done.



to Viroshan Gnanapandithan of Gurumu on your European Championships GOLD.  Well done and well deserved from all at Team Ultimate.


Doing Ultimate Proud

Well Done Leah Moorby – carrying the GB Flag as Team Captain of the GB Cadet Squad at the European Championships.   All the best for Leah and Amelia for Saturday.


Next Ultimate Event

Sunday 22nd September 2013 – Barnsley Metrodome.   1-1 & Poomsae Event

European Cadet Championships

Good luck to the Great Britain Cadet Team flying out tomorrow to Romania for the European Championships.

GOOD LUCK to Leah Moorby and Amelia Pashley – the 2 Ultimate girls in the team.  Good luck.  We are already proud of you – enjoy yourselves and bring home the medals!


London Championships – July

3rd place team.   Some really great performances. Some good results.

Gold:   Tyler Barwell, Jordan Lill, Owen Turner, Marley Buckham, Aneila Afsar, Connor Lill, Chelsey Evans, Niamh Grady

Silver: Mason Yarrow, Owen Blunt, Cory Davis, Macauley Clarkson

Bronze:  Jake Grady, Jayden Yarrow, Cami Lill, Ethan Davis, Stevie Grady, Jack Lockwood

Well done to Lincoln Strong, Raz Gomersall & Joe Latto who also competed.

On Saturday we also had success in the patterns with Dave Morrison taking gold in the pairs and bronze in the individuals and Ciaran West finishing in 4th Place.  Well done lads.


Red Vs Blue

A stressful day yesterday with all the technical issues at the Red Vs Blue Championships.   Thanks to everyone who attended for their patience throughout.  Thanks to coaches, players, referees and spectators. Apologies for the delays.

Team Ultimate – some good performances.  Some poor.  Still 11 gold, 5 silver and 6 bronze.  2nd place team in sparring and a gold and silver in Poomsae.

Gold:  Tim Needham, Alex Needham, Jordan Lill, Chelsey Evans (2), Owen Blunt, Jake Grady, Stevie Grady, Elise Johnson, Aneila Afsar, Oliver Hammond

Silver: Linc Strong, Jordan Lill, Niamh Grady, Raz, Macauley Clarkson

Bronze : Ethan Davis, Corey Davis, Cami Lill, Jack Lockwood, Connor Lill, Joe Latto

Poomsae:  Gold – Emily Noble       Silver – Ciaran West


Congratulations to Quest – 1st place team and TKD Academy Liverpool 3rd place.

Thanks to Chris Codling (Chief Referee), Odette for the Match Management, Dave Morrison – Patterns Coordinator and all the Team Ultimate staff for their tireless support and efforts.

Special mentions for best performances on the day:  Chelsey Evans, Stevie Grady and Owen Blunt.  Excellent guys.


Great Britain Selection for 3 Ultimate players

Fantastic news for 3 Team Ultimate players on the recent Junior & Cadet team announcements.

Leah Moorby will represent GB in the European Cadet Championships in Romania in August.  Leah will compete  in the -51kg category and joining her is teammate Amelia Pashley in the       -47kg division. It’ll be nice to go into the British Championships in September as current European Champions.

Tim Needham has been selected for the Junior European Championships to take place in Portugal in September.

Well done all 3 of you – well deserved – you’ve done yourselves and the Club very proud.


Welcome back

Nice to have you back Alex & Steve.




To new Team Ultimate members Jake, Stevie & Niamh Grady.


Tim Needham – Austrian Open Champion

Tim has had a fantastic year so far.  Silver in the German Open, Bronze in the Spanish, quarter finals in Belgium and Gold in the Austrian Open today.  He’s just made himself the firm favourite for selection for the Junior European Championships with more success and consistency than the other British players at that weight.  Well done Tim!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dutch Masters – 1st place team


Fantastic performances all round at the Dutch Masters last weekend.  8 golds, 6 silver and 4 bronze and 1st place in the overall ‘Selection’ Trophy.  7 out of 10 gold, a silver and a bronze to clinch it. So Proud!!




Gold : Ashley Hutton

Silver : Luke Millar, Chris Swanborough

Bronze : Jordan Lill



Gold: Jordan Lill, Aneila Afsar

Silver : Amelia Pashley

Bronze : Josh Furness



Gold : Amelia Pashley, Mason Yarrow, Jack Lockwood

Bronze : Tyler Barwell


Children/Pee Wees:

Gold : Owen Turner, Oliver Hammond

Silver: Oli Hammond, Marley Buckham, Owen Blunt

Bronze : Owen Blunt



Well Done Sophie

on completing the Leeds Half Marathon for the second year.


Milton Keynes Poomsae Championships

Congratulations to Odette Stringwell (Gold) and Ciaran West (Bronze) at the MKUTA Pattern Championships this weekend.  Well done you two again!


Spanish Open 2013

Gold : Leah Moorby

Bronze : Tim Needham & Jordan Lill


Some good performances, some not so good!   Tyler Barwell – back after 6 months off – great first game 6-0.  Nice to have you back.

Aneila Afsar – 2 great preliminary matches then met European Champion Craen from Belgium  for the 2nd time in a month.  A much better performance this time.  Well done Aneila.

Alex Needham – storming first game V Morocco then a close game V Spain next round.

Jack Lockwood – good performance against good, strong player from Spain.  Close game.

Finlay Benton – great first game V Spain, very close second game again V Spain.  Great head shot!!

Mason Yarrow – first time on a big stage.  Its all experience and it’ll come together next time.

Well done Team Ultimate.

Thanks to the drivers for the weekend – Jason in ‘Chubbalubb’, Fiesta Les, Last-minute Gaz and Seat ‘side lights’ Shane.

Thanks to Ash – a great job all weekend.


‘We’re going to Ibiza …… – Alicante’

Good luck to the sparring squad at the Spanish Open – Tyler B, Mason, Finlay B, Tim & Alex, Jack, Jordan, Leah & Aneila.


Well Done

to Odette on making the final of the European Championships.  Well done to Ciaran and the boys – 5th in Europe.

A massive GOOD LUCK

to Odette Stringwell and Ciaran West – flying out on Sunday to the European Poomsae Championships.  Good luck and enjoy yourselves.


Junior Sports Personality Of the Year


Congratulations to Jordan Lill on winning the Doncaster Free Press Award last night against tough opposition. Fancy taking the title from your Brother!!!!


Jordan & Connor Lill

have been shortlisted for the Junior Sports Personality of the Year at the Doncaster Free Press Awards.  Final is tonight.  Good Luck lads!


Belgium Open








Fantastic performances across the board at the Belgium Open Championships – some stonking performances that didn’t convert to medals on this occasion.  Sometimes its not about the final medal tally but about performing 100%.  Couldn’t have asked for more.  Extremely proud of Team Ultimate’s performances



Gold : Jordan Lill

Bronze : Amelia Pashley & Leah Moorby

Poomsae : Bronze : Ciaran West









to Team Ultimate Jordan Jackson, Bradley Farmer, Ethan & Cory Davis.

Good Luck Team Ultimate

Good Luck to the Team Ultimate players competing in the Belgium Open Championships next weekend:


Ashley Hutton
Alex Needham
Tim Needham
Aneila Afsar
Amelia Pashley
Jack Lockwood
Jordan Lill
Connor Lill
Elise Johnson
Owen Turner
Luke Millar
Macauley Clarkson
Leah Moorby
Poomsae :
Ciaran West
Emily Noble
Odette Stringwell

Great Photos

Check out this link for some great photos taken by our friends from the Limberg Team.

Ultimate 1-1 and Ultimate Poomsae Championships – 24th March

Despite being a long and busy day the event was a huge success.  Good performances by Team Ultimate.  ‘Man of the Match’ for Team Ultimate was Owen Blunt – voted for by the coaches on the day.

Golds to: Jordan Lill, Connor Lill,  Cami Lill, Alex Needham, Elise Johnson, Owen Blunt, Ashley Hutton, Amelia Pashley, Aneila Afsar (2), Finlay Benton (2), Innes Benton (1 but should have been 2!!!), Cory Davis, Chelsey Evens (2), Macauley Clarkson, Joe Latto, Owen Turner

Silvers:  Olli Hammond (2 – just didn’t have a good day Ol), Jack Lockwood (how they scored it, I don’t know), Elise Johnson (great performance against quality player), Ehtan Davis, Innes Benton(as if!!!!!!!).

Good Pattern Results for Team Ultimate Teckies:

Gold : Odette Stringwell, Ciaran West & Emily Noble in individual

Silver : Sophie Morrison

Silver : Ciaran West & Emily Noble – Pairs


And a big thank you to Odette Stringwell who organised the Poomsae Event.

Thanks to everyone who supported the event – Clubs, Coaches, players and parents.  Thanks for making such an effort to get there in such horrible weather. Nice to see Team Limberg from Belgium competing in the Poomsae event.

Thanks to the Ultimate organising team- a great job as always.  A great job by John Bass and Steve Gane as Chief Kyorugi Referees.  Thanks to the Referees and Corner Judges for attending and working all day.

Thanks to the number ladies, the ladies on the top table, the registration & pay team, the set-up & dismantling team. Fantastic and we couldn’t run without you.
And finally thanks to Ash for coaching the squad on the day.


Well Done Chris

Gold for Swanny in our capital City today – at the Chungdokwan Championships.  Chris was competing for the first time for the Army Team.  Well done Swanny!

Silver for Tim

Congratulations Tim!

Congratulations to Tim – silver at the German Open Championships.  Narrowly missed out on gold, losing the final on Golden Point against the National team player from Kazakstan.  Tim won 4 fights on the day to take him through to the final.  Well done Tim!


Fantastic News – GB Selection for Ultimate

Congratulations to Odette Stringwell and Ciaran West have been selected to represent Great Britain in the European Poomsae Championships in Spain in May.

Odette will compete in the U49 Individual Female Division and Ciaran will be part of the 3-syncron cadet boys.

Well done on your selection and good luck!


Quest 1-1

Good performances and good ring time for a number of Team Ultimate players last weekend.

Golds: Marley Buckham, Owen Blunt, Amelia Pashley, Ellie Johnson, Joe Latto, Luke Millar, Macauley Clarkson

Silvers: Owen Turner, Lincoln Strong


Class 2 Referee

Congratulations to John Collinson on passing your Class 2 Referee Course.


London Championships February 2013

Great results – 3rd place team

20 players –

15 gold

3 silvers

3 bronze

Fantastic performances all day. Well done. Some really great shots thrown.

Gold: Finlay Benton, Macauley Clarkson, Jordan Lill (junior & Senior), Leah Moorby (cadet & junior), Tim Needham, Alex Needham, Oliver Hammond, Finlay Benton, Amelia Pashley, Jack Lockwood, Chris Swanborough, Chelsey Evans, Connor Lill.

Silver: Lincoln Strong, Ashley Hutton, Innes Benton

Bronze: Joe Latto, Owen Turner, Mason Yarrow


British Poomsae Championships

British Pairs Champions – Ciaran West & Emily Noble. Fantastic Result – well done.

Congratulations to:

Odette Stringwell – Silver – Individual

David Morrison – Bronze in Individual and pairs.

Unlucky Sophie Morrison – tough group!


Good results at first comp of the year

Team Ultimate sent a small team to the NTC Championships on 27th January but had some great performances and some good results. Some good ring-time for players on PSS.

GOLDS: Tim Needham, Leah Moorby, Raz, Jordan Lill & Connor Lill

SILVERS: Mason Yarrow, Aneila Afsar, Alex Needham

BRONZE : Joe Latto


Great Session

thanks to Black Widow for hosting the first Black Widow/Team Ultimate joint session at the Black Widow Gym. Great session guys.


2012 Award Winners

Best Pee Wee – Innes Benton

Best Child – Owen Turner

Best Cadet – Elise Johnson

Best Junior – Jordan Lill

Best Senior – Raz

Fighters League Winner – Jack Lockwood Runner up – Owen Turner 3rd Jordan Lill / Aneila Afsar

Teckies League Winner – Emily Noble

Most Improved – Eden Massey / Oliver Hammond

Shot of the Year – Tim Needham

Performance of the Year – Luke Millar @ Park Pokal

Coaches Choice – Finlay Benton

Promise for the Future – Leah Moorby

Best Newcomer – Chelsey Evens

Players Player & 2013 Captain – Alex Needham Vice-Cpatain – Tyler Barwell



To Team Ultimate coach Kath – just won the ‘Unsung Hero’ Award for the Yorkshire region. She will go through to the final which will be announced live on BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2012 on 16th December.


What a weekend!!

Great results for Team Ultimate over the weekend at the Dome 1-1 and the Park Pokal in Germany.

Dome 1-1 – well done!

Golds : Raz & Joe

Silvers: Chelsey and Liam

Park Pokal – 3rd place team – highest placed Club side at the event

Golds: Mason Yarrow, Connor Lill, Leah Moorby, Elise Johnson, Owen Turner

Silvers: Jack Lockwood (Junior), Connor Lill (Junior), Eden Massey, Macauley Clarkson

Bronze: Finlay Benton, Jack Lockwood (cadet), Tim Needham, Lincoln Strong

Fantastic performances throughout the weekend from most Ultimate players. Most notable performance of the weekend was Luke Millar -54 senior male – WOW!!

Quest Championships

6 players – 6 golds – 3rd place team. Well done Team Ultimate.

Golds: Oli Hammond, Owen Turner, Amelia Pashley, Tim Needham, Jack Lockwood, Alex Needham.

Future Champions

2nd place Team

Gold: Amelia Pashley, Mason Yarrow, Oliver Hammond, Alex Needham

Silver: Innes Benton, Finlay Benton, Eden Massey, Jack Lockwood, Owen Turner, Chelsey Evans

Bronze: Lincoln Strong


Scottish Poomsae Championships

Great results up in Scotland this weekend:

Dave Morrison Gold – Individual

Odette Stringwell – Silver – Individual

Dave M & Partner – Silver in Pairs

Ciaran West – Bronze in Individual

Ciaran West & Emily Noble – Bronze in Pairs (pictured right)

Well done guys.


Tony O’Hara

is going over to Afghan this week. All the best over there T – be careful!!

Tony says to tell everyone good luck with the training and for the events for the rest of the year.



to new Team Ultimate player Mason Yarrow. Great to have you with us!


to Ciaran West – promoted to the Great Britain Elite Cadet Poomsae Squad.  Good Stuff Ciaran!

British Championships 2012

1st place Team 1st Day, 3rd place Team 2nd day & 1st Team overall.

Elise Johnson – British Champion 2012

-37kg Cadet Advanced



                Aneila Afsar – British Champion 2012

Defended last years British title

Cadet – 47kg   Advanced

Bronze Medal – Junior -46kg







Connor Lill –  British Champion 2012

Defended last year’s British Title

Cadet – 37kg Advanced

 Owen Turner – British Champion 2012

-34kg Children

Defended British Title from last year

-33 Cadet Advanced – Bronze

                  Ryan ‘Raz’ Gomersall – British Champion 2012

-87kg Senior Male

 Jordan Lill – British Champion 2012

-63kg Junior Male

                      Jack Lockwood – British Champion 2012

-53kg Cadet Advanced – Gold

-51kg Junior Male – Bronze

 Kru King – British Champion 2012

Veteran Male -58kg

         Eden Massey – British Champion 2012

-41kg Cadet – Novice

               Macauley Clarkson – British Champion 2012

-37kg Cadets – Novice

                       Chelsey Evans – British Champion 2012 x 2

Junior and Senior




were won by Alex Needham (-51kg Junior Male), Marley Buckham (-20 Childrens), Leah Moorby (-47kg Cadet Advanced), Chris Swanborough       (-80kg Senior Novice) & Luke Millar (-54kg Senior Male).



were won by Tyler Barwell (-33kg Cadet Advanced), Owen Turner (-33kg Cadet Advanced), Jack Lockwood  (-51kg Junior Male), Aneila Afsar (-46kg Junior), Finlay Benton (-37kg Cadet Advanced), Ashley Hutton       (-54kg Senior Male) & Tim Needham (-41 Cadet Advanced).

Congratulations to the other Team Ultimate players who all performaed extremely well but finished out of the medals on this occasion – Alex Sanderson, Joe Latto, Lincoln Strong & Innes Benton.  Well done guys.

A big thank you to Odette & Gary who ran the team in the holding area.  Thanks guys.

Congratulations Team Ultimate.

Great performances and great results!!!




to new Team Ultimate members Amelia & Sophia Pashley – great to have you on board.


Told you we were ready!

Team Ultimate dominated the recent British Championships – taking a medal haul of 12 gold, 5 silver and 7 bronze medals.

1st Place Team Overall

1st Place Team – Day 1 – Advanced Players

3rd place Team – Novice players & Kids

Amazing performances and great results. Expected really considering Team Ultimate are the best!


Team Ultimate are ready


Welcome back

Alex Sanderson to Team Ultimate.   Great to have you back as part of the squad for the forthcoming British Championships.

A big welcome also to Kru King, coach from Team Ultimate Thailand.   Nice to have you over here with the squad.  A great way to celebrate the opening of the Thailand Team Ultimate.


Black Widow Fight Night

Well done to Richard and Black Widow on the success of their Fight Night on Saturday 4th August.  A great evening.

Team Ultimate sent a small team to support the event and participate.

Aaron Goodwin was first up for Team Ultimate – he defeated Bradleigh Nash of Black Widow.

Nafeesa Afsar ha a fantastic game against Emily Brighton of Black Widow and won the match.

Eden Massey played Dylan Gill-Sivitter of Black Widow.  Eden put up a good fight but got beaten on the night.

Joe Latto defeated Finlay Moody of Black Widow.

John Steele lost on golden point to Chris Cocker of Team Taekwondo – a great match.

Raz defeated Mark Backhouse of Black Widow – payback for Mark’s victory over Raz in the 2011 Dutch Masters final.

Tim Needham had a great game with James Wood of Black Widow.  The Fight of the Night.  Tim won on this occasion after losing to James a few weeks ago at the Ultimate 1-1.

Alex Needham defeated Daniel Carpanini of Black Widow.  A great game despite Daniel being from the lower weight.

A great night.  Well done.


London International Championships  K2 Arena – Sunday 15th July 2012

5 gold, 3 silver and 5 bronze medals won by Team Ultimate last weekend
at the British International Championships at the K2 Arena.


Jack Lockwood continued his gold run and took gold -53kg Cadet and -51kg Junior.

Tyler Barwell – took gold again -33kg Cadet.  3 good games against Quest, Gurumu and Quest in the final.

Owen Turner – 2 golds again for Owen -35 Children and -33 Cadet.  5 fights again.  Well done.

Nafeesa Afsar – straight final for Nafeesa but gold anyway.

Chelsey Evans – great performance Chelsey to take gold in C-class +68.  Fantastic.



Connor Lill – didn’t find his form in the final against Denmark.

Aneila Afsar – fantastic first game against Best Leg.  Played well but lost the final to the much more experienced Georgia Barnes of BTS.

Mitch Barrass – great first game Mitch but beaten by a better player in the final.  Well done though.



John Steele – back after a long break – it certainly showed – a bit rusty to say the least – it can only get better, John.

Luke Millar – again back after long lay off.  Decent performance – the only way is up!

Lincoln Strong – good performance against tough opposition from Denmark.

Jordan Lill – enough said.  Great performance in senior against Chris Cocker.
Very poor performance in Junior.  Just need the consistency, Jord, and you’ll be unbeatable.

Leah Moorby – fantastic first game against Sport TKD, Plymouth.   Not so good in semi-final against All
Stars.   Although they combined the weight up to -51 you still could have won it!


Other Team Ultimate players were Eden Massey, Ashley Hutton, Joe Latto.


The Team Ultimate Poomsae squad had success on the day with only 3 players took 2 gold and 2 bronzes.  Well done.

Golds               Odette Stringwell and Ciaran West

Bronzes           Emily Noble and
Pairs  Emily/Ciaran.


Dutch Masters 2012

A fantastic weekend for Team Ultimate at the Dutch Masters winning in both Patterns and Sparring.  In sparring we took 11 golds, 5 silvers and 4 bronzes and in the Poomsae we took 1 gold and 1 silver with just 2 players.

The event was run with the ‘no head shot’ rule for Kids, Pupils & Cadets which some players find difficult to adapt to.  It also had 3 grade splits to make it a great event for players of all grades.


2 Team Ultimate Officials John & Georgia Collinson also travelled with the Team to official at their first international event.  Well done guys, you did a great job.


Innes Benton started the day in kids -24kg – he defeated 2 players to take the Gold Medal.  Innes also competed in Pupils -24 but had to settle for the bronze after losing his semi-final match on golden point.


Oliver Hammond took 2 silvers -27kg pupils and -28kg cadets.  In pupils he won 2 comfortable games and was the victim of a very poor refereeing decision to lose him the final.  He was clearly the best player and deserved the gold.   He lost the final of the cadet division to a Scorpion player 2-0.  For Olli’s first International event – he did extremely well to come home with 2 silvers.



Owen Turner had no competition -32 Pupils to take the gold medal to add to his gold medal in the Swedish Open.  2 easy matches for him.  Owen also played Cadet Advanced -33 (despite being only 9 years old) but was defeated first round by a clever Dutch player.  Shame he had no break between his pupils final and his first round cadet game!

Tyler Barwell played very well and won 4 games (all against Dutch players) to clinch the gold -32 Cadet B-Class.  2 comfortable and 2 tough games.  Well played Tyler.  Another gold to add to your gold from Sweden earlier in the year.  Where did you get that punch from?


Ellie Johnson demolished her 3 opponents (stopping them all with a 12 point gap) to take gold -36 Cadet B-class.   She lost in Cadet A class having kicked the girl in the face and losing a point!

Macauley Clarkson was unlucky in both his divisions -36 B & A Class.  Very close games but good performances in his first International.


Finlay Benton defeated his Dutch Opponent -36kg advanced but lost a close game to Steven Popp of Germany who went on to take the gold.  Bronze for Finlay.


Joe Latto took silver -28kg Pupils and was beaten in the quarters -30 cadet A-Class.  First time playing on PSS in competition.  Well done Joe.



Tim Needham was in fine form – stopping his first opponent from Scorpion early in the first round then defeating 2 other British players from Kings and Kanghan on the way through to take the Gold.



Nafeesa Afsar was fantastic in her first International – 3 matches, 3 wins, 1 Gold.  Well done Nafs.




Connor Lill couldn’t find his form in either the B or A class Cadet Categories – went out first round and was out of the medals.  Don’t think the ‘no head shot’ rule suits him at all.


Leah Moorby took gold -45kg Cadet A class.  3 games and 3 comfortable wins.  The first game resulted in a body shot knock out in 9 seconds!   Fantastic performance all day  and first International gold for Leah.  “No guts – no Glory!”


Aneila Afsar took silver in Junior -46 and bronze senior -46.  Some good, some not so good games on the day.  You’ll be unbeatable when you just find that consistency.  Silver in Sweden, Silver in Belgium and a silver & bronze here.  Just got to turn them into golds!

Jack Lockwood was in fine form once more.  Took 2 gold here to add to his A-class Cadet Gold from Belgium.  2 comfortable wins in cadet to take gold.   2 hard games in junior -51kg to take the gold.  Well done Jack.

Jordan Lill took his 1st gold internationally to add to his Bronze from the Belgium Open.  3 tough games against strong opponents but Jordan was on form and played extremely well.  Well done Jord – if anyone deserves it, you do!

Ashley Hutton took silver -54kg.  He played a Korean player from Filton College in the first round and lost his final on golden point.  Bit of controversial scoring took it to golden point but it happens, eh.  Well done Ash, you played really well.  Think you need to stay at 54kg now.

Chris Swanborough was fantastic in his first International.  He won his final 16-6 despite having a hairline fracture in his right foot before he started.   Won the game with left leg and that big right punch.  Awesome performance, Swanny.  Well done. The Coldstream guards will be very proud!

In the Poomsae Competition Emily Noble was competing in her first International and came away with Gold in the Cadet A-Class.   Odette Stringwell took silver in 2nd Masters A-Class.   Well done!




Fantastic performances – great results and a fantastic weekend.  Congratulations to coaches Kath, Ashley, Sam and Luke – a job well done.



Sophie Morrison on completion of the Leeds Half Marathon.  A great achievement.


Junior Sports Personality

Congratulations to Connor Lill who won the Junior Sports Personality of the Year at the Doncaster Free Press Sports Awards 2012.  Connor beat off rivals up to 21 years of age to take the award – no doubt his reigning British Championship title and recent selection to the GB Development Squad were factors in the decision-making.  Well done Connor.

NTC Championships

A bit of a mixed bag results-wise this time.  Great performance for some, others not so great!

Golds:    Jack Lockwood, Owen Turner – cadet, Owen Turner – pee wee, Jordan Lill, Connor Lill

Silvers:  Nafeesa Afsar, Ash Hutton, Alex Needham, Elise Johnson

Bronze:  Aneila Afsar, Leah Moorby, Tim Needham, Macauley Clarkson, Finlay Benton, Joe Latto, Chris Swanny

Thanks to Coaches – Raz, Ash, Luke & Sam and also to Trainer – Gary.


Well Done Raz

on your appointment to the National Poomsae Squad for Creative.



100% pass rate at Dan Grading

A huge well done to Sophie Morrison on passing your 4th Dan and Jessica Crowley on passing your 2nd Dan.  Well done ladies.

Congratulations to New 1st Dans Ian Henderson, Ewen Henderson, Emma Henderson,

Emily Noble & Connor Crowley.

Thanks to Dave Morrison and Odette Stringwell for accompanying them this weekend and for all your hard work in preparing them.



 Belgium Open Championships 2012

Last weekend Team Ultimate sent a 9-strong team over to Ghent in Belgium for the Belgium Open Championships.  Over 1200 competitors were taking part over 2 days.

Tyler kicked off Day 1 in -33 cadet with a fantastic game against Resham Godei of Seongong, Holland.  The much taller opponent was fast and caught Tyler to the head early into the game.  Tyler remained focused and patient and scored a great 180 to bring it back to 3-2 after round 1.  Tyler pulled it back over the next 2 rounds and sneaked it 5-4 in the closing seconds.   He also picked up a nasty lump on his foot in the process.   His next game was against Panagiotos Pragalos of Germany.  The Germany was fast and technical and it would have been a great game if Tyler had 2 feet!  The game was stopped early in game 1.


Tim Needham started his competition in great form -41kg cadet male against Marcin Kozeil of Poland – he dominated throughout to win 13-0.  He was in fire in his second game against Katsaros of Germany winning 11-2.  It helped that we knew the German player, as Finlay had beaten him  previously in the Swedish Open.  Tim couldn’t find the same form in the quarter finals and was defeated 6-3 by the Danish player Isak Hirsbo.  Tim just missed the medals this time.

Tim’s brother Alex lost to Wiktor Piotroswki of Poland 5-4 in the dying seconds of the game.  Alex’s fine form from Sweden eluded him on this occasion.  He played ok but not amazing like he did there.

That was it for Day 1 – only 3 players and all 3 out before the medals.

Day 2 didn’t start much better with both our -37 players Finlay Benton and Connor Lill going out first round.  Turned out to be a bad draw for both of them as they each played the eventual finallists.  Finlay played a very good game against Sotir Dimitrov of Bulgaria.  They were point for point with solid head shots throughout but Fin got caught with one too many to lose the game.  Strong performance by Finlay.   Connor Lill couldn’t find his form in his game and could have beaten his opponent from Israel.  Need to believe in yourself more Connor – we do!!!

Jack Lockwood had a great day to take the gold -53kg cadet.   3 pretty easy games for Jack.  He demolished Bajewski of Poland 21-3 in the first game and then played more tactical games in the semi and final to beat Roul from Austria 7-5 in the semis and Guy Medovoy from Israel in the final 13-8.  A fantastic gold for Jack!

Leah Moorby and Aneila Afsar were both competing in the -47kg cadet catogory.  Aneila played first and beat Mia Edl from Croatia 5-1 comfortably.  She then met Melissa Wartenberg Israel National Team and beat her easily 18-6.  She met German Pospieszny in the semi finals and again a comfortable 10-6 win to put her in the finals.    Leah Moorby got a bye in the first round where she met Russian Sophia Fomicheva.  It was Leah’s first international and she did herself proud.  She kept it point for point until the last round and got caught in the head.  Leah’s game was strong and confident and it was a great international debut.  The Russian went on to meet Aneila in the final.  Aneila lost the game4 11-7 (a headshot of Aneila’s that connected was scored to the Russian!).  Well done Aneila – another silver here to match silvers in the British and Swedish Opens.

Jordan Lill was fantastic playing -63kg Junior Male.  Jordan has always been close but has not actually won an A-class match before this one.  He sorted that one out here.  He demolished Zaburdaev of Latvia National team 9-5 in the frist round and met Lewandowski from Poland next.  Jordan won 8-2.   His next opponent was the experienced Benoit Hannart of Belgium.  Jordan met Hannart in the first round in the French Open last December and lost 9-8.  This time it was one of the best games of the day with Jordan going 8 points behind and then winning the game 19-18.  A fantastic match which put Jordan in the semis.  Here he met Croation player Luka Horvat who had looked sharp all day.  Jordan played very well but lost the match 15-10.   Jordan’s best performance to date.  Well done Jordan.

So – Team Ultimate finished with a respectable Gold, Silver and a Bronze.  Well done guys.



Dome 1-1 – Sunday 25th March 2012

Another sunny day spent in the Dome, Doncaster last Sunday.  Coaches Raz, Ash, Sam and Luke took the Team Ultimate players to participate.

Nafeesa Afsar had a comfortable 12-2 victory over Chloe Owen Liverpool Academy. Owen Turner beat Cameron Murphy of Liverpool Academy 10-1.  Marley Buckham had a great game beating Mark Fringiham 17-3 again of  Liverpool Academy.

Connor Lill was not troubled at all – an easy win over Sonny Maddox Of Liverpool Academy 16-2.  Ellie Johnson won easily 15-3 against Olivia Faraday of Liverpool Academy.

Tyler Barwell arrived late after a week skiing in the French Alps but played well against Adam Fitzsimmons of Unite beating him   3-1 despite weary legs.

Mitchell Barrass beat Jack Gray of Scorpions 4-1.  Nice head shot Mitch.


Raz played well and pulled some good shots out of the bag to beat Ben Talman of Scorpions 16-12. Aneila Afsar (despite throwing up all day) played on.  She lost 6-5 to Simone Abley of Chi.

Ash Hutton had 2 good games – first against George Alexander of Unite and a very close game 7-6 against Gav Davison of Chi.

Leah Moorby was tested against 7-6 against Olivia Harrison of Pulse.

Jack Lockwood was matched against Max Surgey of Kanghan and beat him all too easily.  Shame really – wanted a tough game for Jack before Belgium next week.

Jordan Lill beat Callum Parkes of Kanghan – debatable scoring during this match but Jordan won 14-11.

Cami Lill faced Luke Barratt of Danum and beat him 8-4.  Luke’s brother Sam played Joe Latto – very creative scoring and Joe lost 4-3.

Chelsey Evans played  senior Sarah Liner from Scorpion and was losing until she scored with a solid headshot.  The game continued and Chelsey won on points 11-10.  A fantastic game.

Macauley Clarkson’s recent run of success continued as he beat Max Marshall of Kangchul.  Max beat Macauley last time they played about 6 months ago so just shows how much Macauley has come on.

Oliver Hammond was matched with Jason Mann of Quest – it lasted 9 seconds after a great headshot. He was matched again with Harry– a Dan Grade from WLM.  Oliver won 3-0.  Well played Oli.


Some good games for the less experienced players.  The more advanced players could have done with tougher matches but played well anyway in the matches they had.  Well done guys.

Photographs courtesy of Ian Thompson of Scorpion Taekwondo – thank you.

Scorpion Cup 2012

On Sunday 19th February Team Ultimate sent a team to compete in the Scorpion Cup at Barnsley Metrodome.   Coaches Raz, Luke, Ash & Sam were supporting the players.

Golds:    Jack Lockwood (well done on doing the double), Connor Lill, Owen Turner, Aneila Afsar, Nafeesa Afsar, Innes Benton, Marley Buckham, Macauley Clarkson and Raz.

Silvers :  Tyler Barwell, Joe Latto, Macauley Clarkson, Owen Blunt, Jordan Lill & Leah Moorby.

Bronzes : Connor Lill & Tim Needham.

2nd place Team Trophy.  Well done guys.



Swedish Open 2012

A team of 10 Team Ultimate players travelled over to Trelleborg in Sweden for the 2012 Swedish Open Championships on 4th & 5th February.  The Team came back with a fantastic medal haul of 3 gold and 4 silvers – once again finishing as the highest British Club side.  It was a great start on the international circuit for this year for Team Ultimate.

Saturday was opened with Owen Turner on first game in the first of the 2 categories he was competing in.  In Cadet advanced -33kg Owen faced Vladimir Gristchenko from Russia.  Owen took an early lead but the strong and older Russian woke up in round 2 to take the game 7-4.  Never mind, Owen – theres always your other category.


Tim Needham & Finlay Benton were both competing in Cadet Advanced -37kg and were both in great form.  Tim beat Kostov from Bulgaria first round and  barely needed to get out of 1st gear to beat Barthochowski from Poland 2-1 to secure his place in the final.  Finlay beat Bakr of Sweden 2-0, Bulgaria by disqualification and Vasileious from Germany on golden point to meet Tim in the all Ultimate final.   Tim took the gold and Finlay the silver  4-0 in a great game.    Well done boys!

Alex Needham was in fantastic form -51kg Junior Male Advanced.  He demolished Mende from Germany 10-4finishing the match was a devastating reverse turning kick.   He was unlucky with the draw in round 2 meeting the eventual gold medallist Salazar Dragustovis from Mexico.  Alex played extremely well, probably his best performance to date, with the final score ending 7-4.   Alex gave the Mexican the hardest game of the day.

Jack Lockwood was also competing in this high level group.  Jack was competing in the Junior and Cadet divisions.  He outclassed Remo from Sweden 13-0 first round where he met his rival Koca from Germany in the quarter finals.  These 2 met in the quarter finals of the French Open so tactics played a huge part in this game.  Jack played a fantastic game and it finished 3-2.  Koca was Junior European Champion last year so a great performance from Jack.

Ashley Hutton playing -58kg was always going to have it tough.  He drew Lugasi from Israel but played well and it finished   6-1.

Aneila Afsar playing Cadet and Junior had a tough draw in her Junior -46kg division.  She drew the much-experienced Wongpattenakit from Thailand in the first round.   Aneila was beaten and the Thai girl went on to take the gold without conceding a point throughout.

1 gold and a silver on day 1 – a great start.

Sunday again started with Owen Turner in his actual category 9 -11 years -33kg.  He played Israel player Nechemia in the semis beating him 6-4 and facing another Israeili player Segal in the final.  Following on from his bronze last year Owen took the gold this year winning the final 13-6.  Current British Champion Owen had a great day.

Tyler Barwell was unlucky – playing double categories Cadet and Minors but having to play both categories at the same time.  His first game was in cadet against Taha from Sweden.  Taha was awkward and strong and took the fight 1-0.  Tahawent on to take the gold in that division. Tyler found his form in his own category -32kg aged 9-11.  He met Danish player Linds Renson in the first round.  Renson is a talented and technical player so Tyler had to stick to his game plan throughout to win the game 2-0.  He then beat Anderson from Denmark in the semi finals and met Moranduzzo from Belgium in the final.  Moranduzzo was the gold medallist last year so it was always going to be a tough game.  Tyler played well and took the gold medal winning the final 6-4.

Jack Lockwood put in great performances in cadet -53kg to take the silver medal.  He demolished Kyriakou from Cyprus in the first round 12-2 and Arnason from Israel 7-0 to put him in the final.  Jack had a close game with Elammar from Germany but had to settle for the silver this time.

Aneila Afsar put in a good performance -47kg cadet to take the silver.  She defeated Germany then Sweden and met Zederfeldt from Sweden in the final.

Jordan Lill was fantastic -63 junior male.  He met the very experienced Nicolas Kuss from Germany in the first round. Jordan played extremely well and it finished 7-7 before going to golden point.  Jordan lost the golden point but had put in a great performance.

Elise Johnson took the silver medal in her first major International Championsips -37kg minors female. She beat Russian Fomina on golden point to put her in the final against another Russian Khimelnitckaia.  Ellie played hard but was beaten 8-1 by the much taller and much more experienced Russian player.  A great start to your international career Ellie!

Well done to all the Team Ultimate players who took part – great performances and great results.

It was also nice that the Team Morphs put in an appearance – always nice to have you along guys.


Congratulations Emily Noble

on your selection for the National Poomsae Cadet Squad.  Well done!


National Poomsae Championships

Saturday 4th February – Dan Grade competition

Competing on Saturday were Sophie Morrison in U29 Individual and in 1st Pairs with Alex Needham, Ciaran West in U13 individual, Jessica Crowley in U17 individual and David Morrison in U29 individual and 1st pairs with Taylor Parkins from Livingwell Taekwondo.

The standard and level of competition on Saturday was high with  places at stake for the National Poomsae Squad.  David Morrison retained his place in the National Squad with a Bronze medal placing in the individual event and the top spot in the 1st pairs division – National Champion with Taylor from Livingwell (who also retained her spot in the national squad).

Ciaran West, member of the National Cadet poomsae Squad faced one of the toughest groups of the day with 23 competitors in the U13 individual division. Ciaran finished the first round in 3rd place and the second round in 4th position. The final saw Ciaran finish a creditable 7th out of 23 competitors overall. Well done Ciaran.

Jessica faced her first year in the U17 category which again is a tough division with many excellent players competing for spots in the National Squad for the first time. Jess put in a creditable performance but unfortunately didn’t make the final.

Sophie Morrison, having gone up in to the U29 division performed well against tough opposition from National Squad players who had also gone up to the same division. Good performance from Sophie in 11th place nationally wasn’t quite enough to get her through to the final.

Sophie and Alex Needham took to the performance area for the first time competing in the 1st pairs division. Another very competitive division but an excellent performance from both Sophie and Alex.

Sunday 5th February – KUP Grade competition

Competing on Sunday were Joe Latto, Lewis Jackson, Connor Crowley, Emily Noble, Caitlin Beswick and Kaya Allen.

The Peewee boys K1 division saw the three lads- Joe, Lewis and Connor – go head to head. All three put in excellent performances to make it through to the final which was a great achievement given that they are relatively new to poomsae competition.  All put in good performances in the final but unfortunately it was not enough to secure a medal place in a very closely contested final.

Competing together in the peewee Synchron team, the boys faired better beating a good LTA team to become the National Champions!

Emily Noble put in a very confident performance in the peewee girls K1 division winning Silver medal.

Competing in their first poomsae competition in the K3 Peewee Pairs Caitlin and Kaya saw their hard work pay off achieving silver medal in this novice division.

Ryan Gomersall represented the Club in a demonstrating category on the day – the  Creative Patterns or Freestyle.  Raz was awesome and pulled off a fantastic performance  to be crowned British Champion and take the gold.  As a result of his performance Raz was invited to join the National Poomsae Squad with a view to representing Great Britain in forthcoming Creative Poomsae events – well done Raz.

All Ultimate players over the weekend were a credit to themselves and the club. In addition to competing they also helped with the organisation of the competition along with many of the parents who supported the running of the event. Thanks to everyone and a huge well done.


Well Done Aneila

Congratulations Aneila Afsar on winning the Pride of Pendle Sports Award yesterday.  A great achievement and well deserved.



   Another Ultimate player selected

Congratulations to Alex Needham on being selected for the GB Junior Development Squad.  Alex joins the successful Ultimate players Tim Needham, Tyler Barwell, Finlay Benton, Elise Johnson, Connor Lill and Aneila Afsar, who  qualified for the Cadet Development Squad late last year.


Please note – class structure until May

Monday 1st class:    Luke                 2nd class:    Odette

Tuesday 1st class:   Ash                   2nd class : Raz

Wednesday Sprotbrough class:  Ash            Den 1st class:  Odette                2nd class : Raz

Thursday 1st class :  Luke               Private sessions :  Odette

Friday 1st class : Sam                        2nd class :  Raz

Saturday kids sparring class : Sam

Date for your Diary

Already booked is the 2012 Presentation Night and Christmas Do.  Sunday 23rd December at The Holiday Inn, Warsmworth, Doncaster.  Tickets same as usual £20.00 adults, £10.00 kids.   Special room rates have been agreed with the hotel for those wanting to stay over.

Fantastic Effort

by everyone on the Bag Pack this week.   A big thank you to everyone who participated.  Great result.

Presentation Night and 2011 Award Winners

Thanks to everybody who made the 2011 Ultimate Presentation Night and Christmas Party a huge success.  What a fantastic group of people you lot are!!!

Best Newcomer:   Innes Benton

Best Child: Owen Turner

Best Cadet :  Tim Needham

Best Junior : Alex Needham

Best Senior:  Odette Stringwell

Most Improved :  Tyler Barwell / Elise Johnson / Alex Needham / Jordan Lill / Aneila Afsar / Macauley Clarkson

Performance of the Year :  John Steele @ The Dutch Open Championships

Shot of the Year : Jack Lockwood – reverse turning kick K/O in the South Dublin Championships

New Coaches : Raz / Ashley Hutton / Luke Millar / Sam King / Sophie Morrison

Players Player : 3-way tie :    Tyler Barwell / Jordan Lill / Raz

Fighters League  1st place : Connor Lill        2nd place : Alex Needham       3rd place:  Owen Turner

Coaches Choice:    Elise Johnson and Aneila Afsar

Well Done Everybody!

Ultimate players selected

Congratulations to Tim Needham, Tyler Barwell, Elise Johnson, Connor Lill, Finlay Benton & Aneila Afsar on your recent qualification and selection for the GB National Cadet Squad.  Im very proud of you all – well done.

Owen Turner – “Superkid”

Congratulations to Owen on winning this year’s Doncaster Free Press Superkid Award.

The awards are to honour children within the community who have been nominated for their outstanding contributions in areas such as volunteering, sporting achievements, etc or the courageous efforts when triumphing through adversity.

A great achievement Owen, well done and well deserved.


to Alex Needham on your selection to attend the GB Junior Selection Camp just before Christmas.  Well done!


Good Day at The Dome

Well done Sunday at the Dome.  Some good matches but some performances better than others.  Make sure you take on board the feedback you were given by the coaches.


Well done & Good Luck

Congratulations to Owen Turner being shortlisted for SuperKids – great achievement Owen.  Good Luck for the next stage.

Happy Birthday Raz!!!!

Hey Ho Sailor boy!!!

South Dublin Championships 21st October 2011

Team Ultimate travelled over to take part in the South Dublin Championships hosted by South Dublin Taekwondo Club and had a fantastic weekend.  A thoroughly enjoyable Championships.

The team finished with a massive haul of 15 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze medals but this was only enough to finish in 2nd place in the Team Placings, behind South Dublin.

Owen Turner, true to form took 2 golds – 31 Pee Wee Advanced and -35kg pee wee advanced.

Joe Latto beat the -28kg players in the division but was combined with -31kg, so he met team mate Owen Turner in the final.  Well done Joe on your silver medal – a return to form again.

Cami Lill and Innes Benton both competed in Novice -24kg pee wee, both demolished the opposition until they met in the final.   The score was tied at 4-4 with 2 seconds left when Innes scored a sneaky one.  Well done boys – I’m sure you’ll meet in many more finals to come.

Connor Lill, despite throwing up all day took gold in -41kg Novice and had to withdraw from the final -41kg advanced.  Well done Connor.

Finlay Benton was extremely unlucky in the other half of the -41kg advanced category, drawing Callum Wong of Caledonia in the first round (after Callum had been combined down from -45kg).  Finlay was a victim of poor refereeing in this game and despite a 6-1 lead in the first round, ended up losing the game putting him out of the medals.  Callum went on to receive one of the Best Player awards.

Jack Lockwood stormed the gold -53kg cadets advanced with a reverse turning kick knock out in the final.  Jack also played well against the eventual gold medallist -55kg junior.  It was tied at 4-4 when Jack had to withdraw with his on-going knee problem.  Well done Jack!

Tyler Barwell played very well and convincingly beat all his opponents in his 2 categories to take 2 gold.  All games stopped by the referee, the opposite coach or by KO.

Tim Needham dominated in style -35kg Cadet advanced easily taking the gold.

Alex Needham back on form to take the gold again -48kg – 2 very well controlled games for Alex.

John Steele – easily took gold -73kg Junior and withdrew after round 1 of his senior game with an injured foot against Ross Eden of Scotland.

Jordan Lill lost to the Caledonia player in the semi finals after progressing through an impressive quarter final match.

Ashley Hutton took gold -58kg senior male after a very good final against local player from South Dublin.

Raz Gomersall still has headache from his final against Ewan Harrison of Caledonia -80kg.  Well done Ewan, looked good and well done on your Best Player Trophy.  Raz upped his game in the combined -87 +87 category to take the gold medal against the Italian in the final.  Well done Dougal!

Aneila Afsar was awarded a Best Player trophy after taking gold in the junior -46 division after her semi was stopped and she KO’d the girl in the final.  She also took bronze in the Cadet category -45kg.

Elise Johnson dominated all day to take gold -35kg Cadet Novice and Advanced – well done, Ellie – 2 golds in your first International.

Altogether a great Championships and great performances by Team Ultimate once again.  Thanks to Statto on the Clipboard and the Team Ultimate supporters.

The Ultimate Open Championships

The day started late – obviously given to me needing the time to fiddle my players’ weights and ensure they all had the best draws!  (Despite the fact they were playing in the same weights they always play and if I was going to fiddle the draw – surely I wouldn’t have put Alex Needham with Kieran Young first round) – just a thought!

Anyway, on with the round-up.

Alex Sanderson (of Thailand) and recent Ultimate student played well in his first game – narrowly losing to Stephen Johnson of Chi (Cadet -31kg).    Owen Turner beat Jamie Kidd in the preliminaries of the same category.  Owen went on to take the gold after defeating Stephen in a very closely contested final.  Great stuff as Owen is only just 9 and was playing pee wee and cadet.  Still on with Owen Turner – easily took his second gold in the pee wee division.

Alex went on to take the gold -30 pee wee advanced beating the injured Jamie Kidd of Quest in the final.

Cami Lill played novice and advanced and achieved 2 silvers.  He was beaten in a straight final by the much more experienced Owen Jackson of SWAT.  He defeated Quest in the semi’s but lost to Liam Burdock of Quest in the final.  Innes Benton took the bronze in this category after losing to Liam in the semis.

Connor Lill – took gold as usual in the Cadet Division (had to combine up and play -45kg and won despite weighing 36).

Kieran Lill – 2 golds – great performances again for the latest Lill to compete.

Joe Latto – lost to the talented up-and-coming Daniel Brown of Scorpion -27kg advanced.

Oliver Hammond was on fire in the novice section of the same weight category and beat Daniel in the final in an excellent game which ended 25-20.  It was one of the best fights of the day and should have been acknowledged as such from these young players – only 7 and 8 years old respectively.  It’s a shame Daniel’s Father couldn’t face that fact and blamed everything and everybody – screaming it’s a fix, bad scoring and personally abusing the judges.  It was the same judges that had been scoring his others games during the day and he didn’t seem to have a problem then.  The man needs to realise that his son will lose a few games from time to time. Perhaps he should go ahead with the preference that he posted on Facebook, rather than attend another Ultimate event!   Can’t say a man who behaves in that way over a pee wee game would be welcome anyway.

Well done Oliver – played extremely well and found your old form again despite being subjected to that vile behaviour by an adult.

Macauley Clarkson – again playing novice and advanced and took 2 golds -33 Cadet.

John Steele – took 2 golds in the junior divisions – his own category and also playing heavyweight to give the single entrant a game. John also played senior and had a tough draw against Scott Sutherill of Scorpion in the prelims (again, a match I would have avoided if I was rigging the draw!).  A very close game and the type of match that John needs.